GoMentor is a new online portal that revolutionises the way we use therapy and coaching as part of our daily lives

Why GoMentor

A lot of people do not live up to their full potential - private as well as at work. This is due to their daily life being affected by stress, grief, trauma, bad relationships, low self-esteem etc. A lot of these people can be helped to move their life forward, but unfortunately there are far too many, who does not seek guidance, as it is complicated or a taboo. We would like to change that.

Where and when you need it

Since GoMentor 24/7 is confidential online therapy and coaching, it is not limited to time and place. You can write unlimited with a psychologist, therapist or coach online right when you need it. You no longer need to commute or take a day of in order to get expert help.

GoMentor 24/7 is the perfect solution for modern individuals, expats or people living abroad, that value their time and personal development.

The mentor terminology

Mentor is a term, that is often used to describe a person that has the necessary knowledge and experience to guide and support others in exploiting their full potential. We have chosen that all psychologist, psychotherapist and coaches that are a part of GoMentor, are being referred to as mentors.

GoMentor - move your life forward

If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or otherwise are at risk, you should not use GoMentor. These resources can help you with immediate assistance.