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At GoMentor all online services are provided via a stable and secure platform, which are specially designed for use with psychologists, therapists and coaches. GoMentor's platform for all online sessions is stable and secure (encrypted), which means the security and confidentiality is best in class. The platform is approved by the Danish Psychotherapist Organisation.

Our GoMentor 24/7 product allows you to purchase monthly or weekly subscriptions to GoMentor 24/7 so that you can write directly to your counsellor without limitation. Our Video Sessions service allows you to conduct your sessions with your counsellor via our secure video platform.

The advantages of having online services mean that there are no physical restrictions for both you and your counsellor, it is often much cheaper compared to traditional in-clinic sessions, and has shorter waiting times.

Online sessions require an internet connection and can be used on a PC, Mac or via our app on an iPad and iPhone.

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With experience in practising counselling and teaching it at college and university levels, I am passionate about empowering others to reach their best.

My practice comprises of an integrative approach, where I draw upon experience and different proven therapeutic methods to find a way to support you. I prefer not to lock myself up in a certain discipline, and prefer to use the best of each. I particularly enjoy CBT, Person Centred Therapy and Positive Interviewing.

I have years of experience working with couples, individuals and groups. Some of the cases I work with the most include gender identity, trauma, sexual abuse, cognitive disorders, anxiety, depression, parenting, addiction and commitment.  My experience has seen me working in government institutions, teaching counselling and mental health from low levels to university degrees, consulting, leading, and developing empowering ways to reach for greatness.

I would be very interested to meet people and see how I can help them. Through my private practice in Melbourne, Australia, I hold online, outreach, onsite and face to face sessions.

I believe in the best humanity has to offer, and I am passionate about helping others reach it.

Please contact me to organise a time for a video session. I am comfortable working in any timeline.


Spanish / Español

Con experiencia practicando mi carrera de consejero y enseñando en colegios y universidades, tengo una pasión de ayudarles a otros alcanzar un estado mejor.

Mi practica consiste de un enfoque integrativo, en el cual me baso en experiencia y diferentes terapias – aceptadas académicamente como efectivas – para encontrar la manera de ayudarle al cliente. Prefiero no encerrarme en una sola disciplina, y prefiero usar lo mejor de cada una. En particular disfruto usar la terapia cognitiva, centradas en la persona y el enfoque positivo.

Tengo varios años de experiencia trabajando con parejas, individuos y grupos. Algunos de los casos con los que trabajo incluyen la identidad de género, trauma, abuso sexual, trastorno cognitivo, ansiedad, depresión, ayuda con modelos de crianza, adicción y compromisos. Mi experiencia me ha visto trabajando con instituciones de gobierno, trabajando como maestro de consejo y salud mental desde niveles bajos a universitarios, consultando, guiando y desarrollando maneras de alcanzar lo mejor de cada persona.

Estaría muy interesado en conocer personas y ver cómo les pudiera ayudar. Por medio de mi practica en Melbourne, Australia, realizo consultas por medio de video, visitas y sesiones cara a cara.

Creo en lo mejor que la humanidad tiene para ofrecer, y tengo una pasión de ayudarle a otros alcanzarlo.


If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.

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