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Write unlimited with me (GoMentor 24/7) US$69/week Try 3 days for free

Confidential online counselling, anytime and anywhere. Write unlimited with me right when you need it. The first 3 days are free.

Write unlimited with me (GoMentor 24/7) US$59/week Try 3 days for free

Confidential online counselling, anytime and anywhere. Write unlimited with me right when you need it. The first 3 days are free.

At GoMentor all online services are provided via a stable and secure platform, which are specially designed for use with psychologists, therapists and coaches. GoMentor's platform for all online sessions is stable and secure (encrypted), which means the security and confidentiality is best in class. The platform is approved by the Danish Psychotherapist Organisation.

Our GoMentor 24/7 product allows you to purchase monthly or weekly subscriptions to GoMentor 24/7 so that you can write directly to your mentor without limitation. Our Video Sessions service allows you to conduct their sessions with your mentor via our secure video platform.

The advantages of having online services mean that there are no physical restrictions for both you and your mentor, it is often much cheaper compared to traditional in-clinic sessions, and has shorter waiting times.

Online sessions require an internet connection and can be used on a PC, Mac or via our app to iPad and iPhone.


I suffered for more than 30 years with chronic stress, anxiety and depression. I was first prescribed medication for anxiety and insomnia at eight years old.

I had two lives, for some of the time I would be confident, outgoing and could look anybody in the eye. Then for no apparent reason to me, my confidence would seep away, I would avoid people and be unable to go out of the house. More medication would be taken. Then all would be well for a few months and so on . . .

In 2004 I decided that I had had enough of living half a life, I started to do some research and found out as much as I could about stress, what it is, when it affects us, how it affects us, and why and of course the ways to survive it. The result is this programme. As well as incorporating all these elements into my life, I found being able to talk to someone who is non-judgemental, objective and empathetic really helpful.

Everything in this programme I still practise nearly every day. Some of it is so integral to my life that it is me, it is what I am. I live a full, busy and sometimes stressful life; the difference is that I now know how to survive stress.

I graduated in 1997 from University of Plymouth with a Cert. Ed. I am a qualified Stress Management Consultant and a fully accredited member of The Stress Management Society. I have been teaching Stress Management since 2007. I know that many of my clients have changed their lives and have become positive people who look forward to tomorrow.

I did not write or invent any of the things that are on this programme, I just know that used in combination they work.

Unfortunately the GoMentor terms cannot show that once you have signed up to follow the Survive Stress using Body, Mind & Spirit Stress Management Programme you get unlimited help from me for as long as you need it. So just to clarify £95 gives you unlimited support via email and £395 gives you unlimited support via Live Chat or Voice with or without webcam the choice is yours. Give me a call and we can talk.

Commit 100% to helping yourself and I will commit 100% to helping you survive stress.

Live, breathe and eat to survive stress, we communicate using email, Live Chat, Skype or in the Common Room. Visit the Common Room which is a safe and secure area that only people following the ‘Survive Stress using Body, Mind & Spirit’ programme can access so they can give and receive support, pick up tips and share yours. Look forward to tomorrow ….

I look forward to helping you to live a courageous and passionate life.

Research into stress management

Survive Stress using Body, Mind & Spirit is a complete on-line stress management programme and the result of seven years intense personal research, and part of a highly personalised one-to-one support package.

There are three levels of personal support available to you by email, live chat (Skype) or Voice (with or without webcam –Skype).


If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.