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Write unlimited with me (GoMentor 24/7) US$69/week Try 3 days for free

Confidential online counselling, anytime and anywhere. Write unlimited with me right when you need it. The first 3 days are free.

Write unlimited with me (GoMentor 24/7) US$59/week Try 3 days for free

Confidential online counselling, anytime and anywhere. Write unlimited with me right when you need it. The first 3 days are free.

At GoMentor all online services are provided via a stable and secure platform, which are specially designed for use with psychologists, therapists and coaches. GoMentor's platform for all online sessions is stable and secure (encrypted), which means the security and confidentiality is best in class. The platform is approved by the Danish Psychotherapist Organisation.

Our GoMentor 24/7 product allows you to purchase monthly or weekly subscriptions to GoMentor 24/7 so that you can write directly to your mentor without limitation. Our Video Sessions service allows you to conduct their sessions with your mentor via our secure video platform.

The advantages of having online services mean that there are no physical restrictions for both you and your mentor, it is often much cheaper compared to traditional in-clinic sessions, and has shorter waiting times.

Online sessions require an internet connection and can be used on a PC, Mac or via our app to iPad and iPhone.


Melanie Richards Dip MCS acc Dip Hyp LHS
MBACP Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist
For many people there are times when life gets difficult and a way ahead hard to find, those are the times when having someone to talk to can help. That person can be a close friend or a family member; someone you trust. But then there are times when for one reason or another it might not be appropriate to seek support from our friends or family, it is often at times like these that talking to someone who is qualified, independent and experienced could give you a different perspective on things, and that's really what counselling is about.
Both Counselling and Psychotherapy are known as 'the talking cures' and they each offer an opportunity to look at your problems in a safe and confidential environment and explore ways to make the changes you want with someone professionally trained to help.
Counselling is usually shorter-term work than psychotherapy and more focused on providing answers and solutions to immediate problems that you may be struggling with. Where as Psychotherapy is a longer-term process of healing and change which offers the opportunity to look more deeply into your life, exploring your feelings, beliefs and thoughts, and often, their roots in your past.
Therapy can help with many different problems such as:
Difficulties in relationship with others – partners, family, work colleagues
Loss of direction or low self esteem,
Stress, anxiety or depression
Bereavement or other loss
Traumatic experiences, including physical illness or injury
Or perhaps you are not clear about what is causing your distress but are experiencing an underlying sense of sadness or dissatisfaction. Whatever your current difficulty, I can offer you an opportunity to explore and clarify your thoughts and feelings, listening carefully to what you say, without judging you.
You might decide that you need this support for just a few sessions, to sort out specific problems or you might decide you want to explore things more fully and deeply, and continue in therapy until you feel you have achieved this.
Given the right circumstances and support, I believe people can make the changes they need in order to enhance their life and discover their potential. My approach is holistic, in that I am interested in "the whole person", and I often encourage clients to examine aspects of their overall lifestyle, such as health, diet and exercise, to assist and support the psychological and emotional changes they are making.
I practice integrative psychotherapy which means that I have trained in several models of therapy. Drawing from a psychodynamic, humanistic and person-centred approach, allows me to offer the type of therapy, or combination of therapies, that is most appropriate for the particular needs of each client.
I have experience of working with, anxiety, bereavement and loss, stress , depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, work-related issues, personal development, lack of direction in life and difficulties adjusting to chronic illness or following surgery.
My work is confidential and respectful of ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, politics, culture or nationality. Offering a secure, confidential and professional relationship, with reliable sessions.
I gained an Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling and a Diploma in Counselling and Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy(BACP) and I am registered and accredited with the The Counselling Society and Hypnotherapy Society. I have a certificate in Bereavement care and worked with Cruse in a voluntary capacity as a Bereavement Care Counsellor. I abide by the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice which assures you of a high standard of professional care.
The regularity of sessions is agreed from the outset (i.e. once or twice a week), the length of time that we work together will largely depend on you – the issues you bring, your motivation and other commitments. There will be plenty of opportunity for us both to explore how things are going.

Sessions can be face to face, by phone or email. Whatever is the most convienient for you.
I understand how difficult it can be to take the first step when looking for support, but please rest assured that I will do all I can to put you at your ease. So if you would like to talk things over, without committing yourself to anything, please don’t hesitate to ring me on:- 07841 478 878


If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.