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Online services

Write unlimited with me (GoMentor 24/7) US$69/week Try 3 days for free

Confidential online counselling, anytime and anywhere. Write unlimited with me right when you need it. The first 3 days are free.

Write unlimited with me (GoMentor 24/7) US$59/week Try 3 days for free

Confidential online counselling, anytime and anywhere. Write unlimited with me right when you need it. The first 3 days are free.

At GoMentor all online services are provided via a stable and secure platform, which are specially designed for use with psychologists, therapists and coaches. GoMentor's platform for all online sessions is stable and secure (encrypted), which means the security and confidentiality is best in class. The platform is approved by the Danish Psychotherapist Organisation.

Our GoMentor 24/7 product allows you to purchase monthly or weekly subscriptions to GoMentor 24/7 so that you can write directly to your mentor without limitation. Our Video Sessions service allows you to conduct their sessions with your mentor via our secure video platform.

The advantages of having online services mean that there are no physical restrictions for both you and your mentor, it is often much cheaper compared to traditional in-clinic sessions, and has shorter waiting times.

Online sessions require an internet connection and can be used on a PC, Mac or via our app to iPad and iPhone.


I can probably help you to process painful memories and make you aware of inappropriate behavior that might stop you for obtaining the life quality you want. Furthermore, I can help you with new insights and realizations about new behaviors, that can provide opportunities for a better and more positive and prosperous development in your life.

I believe we as human beings are individuals with individual lives and individual challenges that only pertain to the individual person. What I mean is, that the challenges that you are facing will always be completely unique to the circumstances you are in, and to who you are and must be dealt with in a tailored and individualized fashion that points towards a solution for your specific challenges.

To me, everything that exists is the here and now. The past exists naturally as a remembrance, nostalgic memories, regrets, violations, fantasies, as legends and stories. The future exists in the actual here-and-now situation as anticipation, planning, rehearsal, wait and hope or horror and despair.


My work is influenced by my gestalt practitioner training and my education as an occupational therapist combined with my experience as a therapist in the past 25 years.

I work from a gestalt therapeutic model, where the starting point always is what is in the here and now, not in what has been, or what might come.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy was developed by Fritz and Laura Perls in the period from 1940 onwards to 1970. Both were trained psychoanalysts and under the influence of the cultural, social and philosophical trends that prevailed during this period. Gestalt psychology, existentialism, phenomenology, Taoism and Zen Buddhism are all directions that have influenced the development of Gestalt therapy.

The goal of Gestalt therapy is to help individuals to discover their own resources and integrate them, to regain faith in themselves and take responsibility for her or his life.

It is about perceiving what is in the moment, to be aware of automated destructive behavior and to end unfinished situations, to help individuals discover their own resources and about integrating these and finally to regain faith in oneself and releasing trapped life energy.


The personal meeting between you and your therapist is central to gestalt therapy. During the sessions you are invited to express your feelings, thoughts and observations and to perform experiments with new ways to respond and act.

The goal is that you discover and change learned habits and "automated responses” and regain faith in yourself and take responsibility for your actions and your life. In this process, I am your listener and your active participant, who invests all my knowledge, my experience and my attention in the meeting with you.

Gestalt Therapy is an experience-oriented psychotherapeutic form of therapy that helps you to experience yourself as a unique, vibrant and responsible being. The therapeutic method is simple and effective and a forward process, where I may be asking questions like: "What happens now?" - "What do you feel?" - "What do you want?" - "What do you avoid?"

During the first session it will be obvious to me but also to you, if there is a match between your expectations and needs and what I can offer. If a match is a reality a preliminary roadmap, is mapped out. We will adjust this roadmap as we go, to best fulfill your needs at any given time in the therapeutic process.

Skype and phone sessions are offered and are very effective.


In a therapeutic session we are dealing with the present and the past and causalities as well as with new behavior. In coaching the focus is on opportunities in the present and the future.

In coaching sessions, the coaches (opposite therapy sessions) have no relation, or "authority" to you as a client. As a coach, I am equal to you and will offer appropriate questions, while you as a client gets to find all the answers. Coaching is not counseling or guidance, but an exploration of a focus chosen exclusively by you.

As a coach I walk beside you, not behind or in front. By putting forth well-targeted questions to you, you are encouraged to highlight your chosen area of focus, with new angles. I can in other words by asking the right questions, help you to clarify – so you yourself may find the answers.

Coaching may be more relevant than therapy if you want to work with options in the present and the future and if you do not need to work with the unconscious and blockages that may not have been resolved thus stand in the way for your progress.

Skype and phone sessions are offered and are very effective.

Support sessions for caregivers

I offer support sessions for relatives to seriously ill. Caregivers often get so involved in taking care of a dependent, that they totally forget to care for themselves thus draining themselves from of essential life energy. This can easily lead to a breakdown of the caregiver that may end up, needing a relief stay to recover. This is especially true in protracted slowly progressive illness, such as Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia illnesses.

To give away parts yourself to the degree that it requires, in a course with a sick relative,

calls for an immense surplus and this is exactly what you will work at gaining, from the supporting sessions with me. Having a support person walk along side with you, to reinforce you and to encourage you, will strengthen your belief in your own self and help introduce self-care without a guilt.

Support sessions with me are often ends up including some personal therapy processes as well. It can be very difficult to handle all the emotional experiences that are triggered during the illness. Dealing with your block aches may be of great importance for your ability to continue as a caregiver and having a support person, that knows your situation along you side you, will help you through this process in a very caring way.

I am also a trained occupational therapist and my insight and experience in helping people achieving a better day to day situation means that it is easy for me to be supportive and helpful in situations pertaining to achieving the life quality you deserve. I will also be helpful and available to identify any appropriate aids, that may improve your and your spouse’s life in your home.

Supporting courses can be elongated and I get involved with all of my professional skills, appropriate to the needs of the situation calls for.

Supporting stages offered per Skype, but also by telephone sessions. Home visits can sometimes be advantageous, but are only offered in Denmark where I reside.


If you or another person have suicidal thoughts or are in some way a hazard to your own health, then you should not use GoMentor.These resources can help you with immediate assistance.