Work Stress

Work Stress

Work stressThe modern workplace can be a source of sizable stress for many people. Even those who are well suited to deal with stress in safe and natural ways may sometimes find that a career causes them to become overwhelmed. When certain symptoms of stress begin appearing due to a job, it is important to deal with them before they lead to other problems. From major depression to other mental disorders, there are many consequences of letting stress get the upper hand. Here at, we offer online therapy that can help by giving a person the tools they need to safely deal with stress in their lives.  

Specific Causes of Work Stress 

While it's obvious that something involving work is the cause of stress for many people, there are some specific areas that can be examined in order to paint a more clear picture of stress and why it appears more for some people. The so called "rat race" of everyone struggling to get ahead is one of the main causes of stress for people in the workplace. Other reasons stress may show up include a person being unable to ask for help or unwilling to say no when asked to do something. This goes along with the dog eat dog nature of some work environments, but it is something that should be considered separately as well. As stress begins to build up, even those very proficient at dealing with stress may become "burned out" and unable to adequately deal with stress in their life. This is when some of the classic symptoms of stress will begin making their appearance.

Symptoms of Work Stress 

One of the first signs that work may be causing too much stress is if a person begins to call in sick or otherwise skip work. Some people may experience extreme anxiety or even a panic attack at the thought of going to work, which is a big indicator that stress at work may be getting out of control. Beyond signs that may appear in the workplace, there are many problems that may appear at home as well. From trouble sleeping to depression or substance abuse, there are many dangers that come with too much work stress. Other physical problems may arise as well. This is why getting therapy and coaching for learning to deal with stress at work should be a top priority.

  • Calling in sick to work
  • Dreading going to work every day
  • Verbal lashing out at co-workers or bosses
  • Insomnia 
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Substance abuse
  • Burnout or breakdown

Get Help with Work Stress 

Here at, you can find trained therapists and coaches who know all about stress - from the causes in the workplace to the best ways to deal with it in a healthy manner. With a combination of behavioral therapy and coaching to help learn strategies to deal with stress caused by work, you can help to get the stress in your life under control before it leads to other serious problems. Different people will require slightly different techniques to control the stress in their life, but this is where highly skilled professionals come in. They can give the information and guidance needed to make stress less of a problem in the workplace, no matter what a person does for a living.

Work Stress

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