Unspecified Psychotic Disorder

Unspecified Psychotic Disorder

When the symptoms exhibited point toward a psychotic disorder but do not fall into one of the generally accepted categories of mental illnesses, it is classified as unspecified psychotic disorder. While the main cause may not be known, there are common symptoms that appear in people who suffer from this mental illness. The risks associated with this type of psychotic disorder are also serious matters that should be carefully considered. Even if the psychotic disorder is unspecified, there are treatment options available. In the modern world, online therapy may be a suitable way to get help. First, here is some more information on unspecified psychotic disorders.

Symptoms of Unspecified Psychotic Disorder 

These are some of the common signs of an unspecified psychotic disorder that doesn't fit any of the other types of psychotic disorders.

  • A variety of types of delusions may be one sign of an unspecified psychotic disorder that point to a problem with mental illness.
  • Poor personal hygiene and anti-social behavior are some other symptoms that a person may have problems with a psychotic disorder.
  • Inability to function as a productive member of society may point to unspecified psychotic disorder if there are no other clear cut symptoms to point toward a diagnosis.

The symptoms may vary a little from these because of the unspecified nature of this mental illness, but there are other risks to consider as well.

Dangers of Unspecified Psychotic Disorder 

While the exact dangers of an unspecified psychotic disorder may not be known, there are some common risks associated with this mental illness.

  • Self-harm
  • Doing harm to others
  • Inability to function in society
  • Health problems associated with inability to function well

There are other dangers involved with unspecified psychotic disorder, but these are the main areas of concern for most people suffering from this psychotic disorder.


Treatment for Unspecified Psychotic Disorder 

On GoMentor.com you can book online sessions for treatment of unspecified psychotic disorder. While it may be a little more difficult to treat a psychotic disorder that can't be "pinned down" and named, there are proven psychotherapy methods that can assist people dealing with this type of mental illness. In addition, you can also join our self-help forum on GoMentor.com that gives you support from others who may be facing the uncertainties. If you think you may have a mental disorder or have been diagnosed with an unspecified psychotic disorder, it is time to seriously consider treatment.

Definition of Unspecified Psychotic Disorder

Unspecified psychotic disorders are those mental disorders that affect the brain but do not fit the common types. Symptoms usually include hallucinations, delusions and the other signs of a psychotic disorder, but there may be things that make diagnosing the mental illness specifically, hence the term unspecified psychotic disorder. Even if the root cause is unknown, therapy and counseling can help with an unspecified psychotic disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Unspecified Psychotic Disorder

  • Delusions
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Poor personal hygiene
  • Inability to perform in society

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