Unspecified Parasomnia

Unspecified Parasomnia

When a person exhibits symptoms of several parasomnias, they may be diagnosed with unspecified parasomnia. Because of the inability to pin down this disorder to one particular parasomnia, it is sometimes even more scary to deal with. This does not have to be the case, especially with online therapy here at GoMentor.com. While there may be some unknown or unspecified factors surrounding this sleep disorder, there are many well known treatment options that can help with all of the symptoms that might appear. Before showing how you can get help with this disorder, here is a closer look at unspecified parasomnia.

Causes of Unspecified Parasomnia 

The causes of unspecified parasomnia are going to be slightly different for most people, but most of the time they revolve around physical problems with areas of the brain that control sleep and wakefulness or chemical or hormonal imbalances in the body. Other psychological factors like stress may also play a role in whether or not someone develops this sleep disorder. While the causes may differ, the symptoms will follow those found in other parasomnias.

Symptoms and Dangers of Unspecified Parasomnia 

From the actual problems with sleep being interrupted for a number of reasons to the emotional side effects of this disorder, there are quite a few signs that may appear for someone suffering from unspecified parasomnia. As mentioned, the symptoms will include some or all of those that come with other similar sleep disorders. The appearance of multiple symptoms is one of the reasons people are diagnosed with unspecified parasomnia. If the symptoms are not treated, there is a risk that other emotional problems may develop. There is also a chance of putting a strain on relationships or even physical damage in the case of sleepwalking.


Treatment for Unspecified Parasomnia 

Even though there are some unknown factors about this sleep disorder, there are many treatment options available, including online therapy here at GoMentor.com. We combine traditional psychotherapy with the communication powers of the Internet. We also have an online self-help forum that can offer emotional support from peers who are going through similar challenges when facing unknown sleep disorders. This powerful combination for the treatment of unspecified parasomnia can reduce the risk of serious problems developing because of this sleep disorder.

Definition of Unspecified Parasomnia

Unspecified parasomnia is diagnosed when a patient exhibits symptoms from several different parasomnia disorders, making it difficult to pin the problems down to one category. Psychotherapy should be included in any treatment plan for unspecified parasomnia.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Unspecified Parasomnia

  • Anxiety about sleep
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Avoiding sleep
  • Waking fitfully with screaming
  • Not remembering details of the bad dream
  • Anxiety about sleep
  • Depression
  • Sleep avoidance
  • Vivid, terrifying dreams that repeat
  • Rising in bed during sleep
  • Unresponsive when sleepwalking
  • No memory of the sleepwalking event

Unspecified Parasomnia

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