Unspecified Organic Disorder

Unspecified Organic Disorder

While much is known these days about organic mental disorders, there is still quite a bit of knowledge that hasn't been acquired yet. If none of the other organic disorders that affect the brain is the cause of your problems that does not necessarily mean that it is not due to a physical problem with the brain. The symptoms may be similar or mixed, but they are not fun to go through alone. Treatment for organic mental disorders - even if they are unnamed - is available. GoMentor.com can help with trained therapists who understand how frightening it can be to face something without being able to give it a name.

Symptoms of Unspecified Organic Disorders

After reading about the symptoms of known organic mental disorders, you will know a little about what you may or may not face when going up against an unknown or unspecified organic mental disorder. From emotion problems to physical problems to problems functioning in social situations, the symptoms of an organic disorder can be even more frightening when they aren't tied to a specific type of disorder. Knowing a little more about the causes of organic brain disorders can help ease your mind a little.

Causes of Unspecified Organic Disorders

Because they are unspecified it is hard to tie down specific causes of organic disorders that aren't otherwise named, but they will affect the brain in a physical capacity. Whether it is caused by a deterioration of the brain because of genetics, trauma, or disease, facing an unnamed organic mental disorder can be a traumatic experience that can add to the anxiety and emotions you are already feeling. This is why GoMentor.com offers a way for you to get help with your problems online. Treatment for unspecified organic disorders is available.

Treating Unspecified Organic Disorders

Even if the exact causes of the unspecified organic mental disorder aren't known, traditional methods of therapy and counseling may still be successful for dealing with the symptoms that may appear. On GoMentor.com you can find trained therapists that are available when they are needed. Online therapy via GoMentor.com can help when dealing with unspecified organic mental disorder, even if there are unknowns.

Definition of Unspecified Organic Disorder

Unspecified mental disorders are those that affect the brain in a physical way yet are not otherwise named or labeled as one of the various organic mental disorders. They are thought to be caused by one or more physical problems with the brain or nerves connecting to the brain. Psychotherapy is one of the methods for treating organic mental disorders, even when they are unspecified or don't have a name.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Unspecified Organic Disorder

  • Emotional instability
  • Physical problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Social problems
  • Other various mood disorders

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