Unspecified Learning Disorder

Unspecified Learning Disorder

When someone exhibits symptoms from two or more learning disorders, making it difficult to pin down a specific type of disorder, they are said to have an unspecified learning disorder. The symptoms are going to be similar to other learning disorders, but they may overlap, with symptoms from various disorders. Because of this, treatment for an unspecified learning disorder can be a little more difficult, but that does not mean it's impossible.

On GoMentor.com you can find therapists that use online therapy to help with all the side effects of this learning disability. If any of the symptoms below are noticed, it may be cause to get a diagnosis. If an unspecified learning disorder is diagnosed, psychotherapy and counseling can help deal with all the issues that come with this learning disability.

Symptoms of Unspecified Learning Disorder

Because of the unspecified nature of this learning disorder, the symptoms are going to vary from person to person, but in general they are going to include two or more of the symptoms found in other learning disabilities. For some it may show up as trouble with reading while others may have consistent problems with math or even spelling.

While some children may have slight difficulties with some subjects, when there is a consistent and long term poor performance, some physical signs may be present. Whether it is omission or letters, numbers, words, or a reversal of the same, there are many physical problems that may be the cause of unspecified learning disorder. The important thing to remember is that there is help available. No matter what symptoms appear, if the learning disorder is classified as unspecified, there are still treatment options available.

Treatment for Unspecified Learning Disorder

At GoMentor.com, we know it can be frustrating trying to deal with a learning disability that defies labels. This is why we have partnered up with highly skilled professionals who offer online therapy which can help with the symptoms of an unspecified learning disorder while also working toward a "big picture" solution so that the learning disability doesn't lead to other mental problems. With therapy from trained staff, that knows how to approach this learning disorder and counseling available when it is needed, you can get assistance here at GoMentor.com. In the past, an unspecified learning disorder may have been missed, causing other problems in a person's life. Today, there are options to help deal with this learning disability.

Definition of Unspecified Learning Disorder

An unspecified learning disorder is diagnosed when a person exhibits symptoms from two or more of the different types of learning disorders. The unspecified nature means that the exact cause may not be known, but treatment for unspecified learning disorders is generally possible with therapy and special education efforts.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Unspecified Learning Disorder

  • Trouble reading
  • Bad spelling
  • Trouble with grammar
  • Bad punctuation
  • Poor academic performance
  • Trouble with math
  • Trouble with numbers

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