Unspecified Intellectual Disability

Unspecified Intellectual Disability

Someone who has an IQ score under 70 and has other social and learning problems that can't be pinned down is said to have an unspecified intellectual disability. Some of the other symptoms include trouble learning, problems with language and other difficulties. The unknown nature of this disability makes it a little more difficult to treat, but it is not impossible.

For some, online treatment by therapists is helpful in dealing with an unspecified intellectual disability. Before giving more information on how you can get help with an unspecified intellectual disability, here are some other things that you should know about. Because the symptoms that appear will usually be those that are found with other intellectual disabilities, it can be difficult for some to diagnose this disorder.

Symptoms of Unspecified Intellectual Disability

Symptoms of unspecified intellectual disability include problems with language and verbal communication, trouble with adaptive behavior skills, as well as other physical and psychological problems. The unspecified nature of this disability also refers to not knowing the exact cause of the problems, which can also make treatment more difficult.

While some children may have known neurological problems that cause problems with learning and development, others may unknown reasons that are causing the problems. Because of the unknown nature surrounding some of this disability, getting help with therapy and counseling is recommended. The sooner treatment is sought, the better the chances of success in dealing with the disorder and avoiding the dangers associated with it.


Treatment for Unspecified Intellectual Disability

Those with an unspecified intellectual disability do not have to face it alone. Online therapy and counseling from highly skilled professionals here on GoMentor.com can be helpful. The trained therapists you can find on GoMentor.com, can give guidance and support that is designed to deal with the special needs of people with this mental disability.

Because of the unspecified nature of this disorder, treatment is going to vary slightly from person to person, but the trained therapists that you can find on GoMentor.com will be able to help each individual personally.  Occasionally the family of a person with unspecified intellectual disability also needs emotional help to deal with the ups and downs that come with the disorder.

Definition of Unspecified Intellectual Disability

An unspecified intellectual disability is one that causes a person with a low IQ (below 70) to have behavioral as well as social problems while trying to function independently in life. Treatment for this intellectual disability is available with proper therapy and special education efforts.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Unspecified Intellectual Disability

  • Language difficulties
  • Trouble with social situations
  • Problems with self-care
  • Learning disabilities
  • Physical abnormalities at birth

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