Unspecified Amnestic Disorder

Unspecified Amnestic Disorder

Unspecified amnestic disorderWhile the exact causes of unspecified amnestic disorder may not be known, they have to do with various areas of the brain. Whatever the cause, the symptoms that may appear include trouble remembering things from the past or difficulty remembering new information. The loss of memory can be a frightening experience, which is why we provide online therapy for unspecified amnestic disorder here at GoMentor.com. Memory loss can be a difficult and trying experience for people who suffer from it. This is why knowing the symptoms and dangers of unspecified amnestic disorder is important. Even more importantly, however, is getting treatment.

Symptoms of Unspecified Amnestic Disorder

In order to be diagnosed with unspecified amnestic disorder, the symptoms are going to vary quite a bit. Because the exact cause of the amnesia is not known, it may be difficult trying to see specific symptoms as they appear. That said, the general symptoms center around the loss of memory. Some suffer a partial memory loss while others lose all their memories. Also, some have trouble with memories before being diagnosed while others have difficulty forming new memories. All of these symptoms center around loss of memory without signs of other cognitive problems.

    • Anterograde memory loss - memories after the damage to the brain
    • Retrograde memory loss - memories before the brain damage
    • Partial memory loss
    • Complete memory loss

Dangers of Unspecified Amnestic Disorder 

As with other unspecified disorders, this one has many dangerous aspects that are intensified because of the unknown nature of the exact cause of the memory problems. From problems associated with memory loss - overdosing because a person forgets they took their medication already - to other social or emotional problems, there are many things that a person with unspecified amnestic disorder has to deal with.

Treatment for Unspecified Amnestic Disorder 

While there are some unknown factors in unspecified amnestic disorder, the trained professionals on GoMentor.com specialize in amnestic disorders and will still be able to help with information, guidance and support. With GoMentor 24/7, we offer online therapy and counselling that can give much needed emotional support. This modern form of online therapy for the treatment of unspecified amnestic disorder is a complete way to get help thanks to the communication powers of the Internet.

Unspecified Amnestic Disorder

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