Tourette's Disorder

Tourette's Disorder

This is the most well known of the tic disorders, and includes the presence of at least one motor and one vocal tic. Often there is also a problem with random profanities being uttered or yelled at inappropriate times. Problems in specific areas of the brain are thought to be the primary cause of Tourette's disorder, but the exact causes are not known. There are many treatment options available for Tourette's disorder, with most centering around speech therapy and behavioral counseling - two things offered here at, by the way. Below is some more information about the causes of Tourette's disorder as well as some of the symptoms and risks associated with the disorder.

Causes of Tourette's Disorder

The exact causes of Tourette's disorder are not known, but it is thought to center around problems in certain areas of the brain. Specifically, neurotransmitters are usually found to be faulty, causing the problems with tics. Beyond that, not much is known about how this disorder affects the brain and the rest of the body.

Symptoms of Tourette's Disorder 

The presence of one motor tic and one vocal tic - at least - is the primary symptoms of Tourette's disorder. Involuntary swearing - coprolalia - is frequently found in people with Tourette's disorder. Other types of vocal tics might include throat clearing, coughing, hiccuping, or making animal sounds. Physical tics may include eye blinking, sticking out the tongue, flexing fingers, or other physical movements.


Dangers of Tourette's Disorder

While the symptoms alone are quite a bit to have to deal with, there are other risks associated with Tourette's disorder when not treated correctly. Poor academic performance can result as a child withdraws from the world, afraid or embarrassed to speak up in public. Social problems may also result from Tourette's disorder. Both of these can lead to depression or other serious mental problems like inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Treatment for Tourette's Disorder 

Here at, you can book therapy sessions with specialists who specialize in treating Tourette's disorder. From helping alleviate the symptoms to giving guidance to avoid possible problems in other areas, the therapists at are only part of the treatment equation. The other centers around the Internet and the fact that we offer online therapy here at This powerful combination of tested techniques and technology can help with Tourette's disorder.

Definition of Tourette's Disorder

Tourette's disorder causes at least one motor and one vocal tic - involuntary, repetitive movement or sound - that persists from childhood. Behavior problems may be another symptom of Tourette's disorder. Treatment usually centers around speech therapy and counseling to help with behavioral problems.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Tourette's Disorder

  • At least one motor tic
  • At least one vocal tic
  • Coprolalia - involuntary swearing
  • Behavior problems

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