The Opposite Sex

The Opposite Sex

The opposite sexAs your teen goes through the myriad of hormonal changes that accompany puberty, they can easily be filled with insecurities as they start to notice the opposite sex. This insecurity can lead to a variety of social avoidances and behaviors that may be overwhelming for many parents to try and deal with on their own. It is important for your teen to be secure in social settings with the opposite sex. When your child is confident in these settings, they may make better life and relationship choices. To help point things in that direction, we offer online therapy and counselling here at that can help teens learn how to have a healthy and positive relationship.

What Your Teen is Feeling

Relationships with the opposite sex are very confusing for teens. Their bodies are telling them that they are adults, but their minds are still not yet mature enough to be considered an adult or to be able to cope with adult consequences. These feelings of confusion can lead to poor relationship decisions like finding themselves in comfortable situations, inadvertently putting themselves in dangerous situations, or having sex too early. With the consequences of unsafe sex being so serious in this day and age with the rise of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, this can be a very serious concern. It is very easy for a teenager to listen to their body instead of their feelings, because they are not yet sure if they can trust their emotional instincts or not. Peer pressure is also a very important factor in teenage sexual decisions. Chances are, if your child’s friends are dating or having sex, they are more prone to feel pressured to do the same.

  • Moodiness
  • Insecurity
  • Rebellious behavior
  • Curiosity about sex

How You Can Help Your Teen

The most important tool a parent can have is open communication. Encouraging your child to speak their minds will increase their abilities to express them to the opposite sex. Do not shy away from your teen if they ask you about sex. Give them all the facts to help them make the decision that is right for them regardless of outside influences and to make certain that they are prepared for their choices. You shouldn’t overly restrict your child in their relations with the opposite sex as this can lead to feelings of rebellion. Another option if you are feeling overwhelmed is getting help.

What We Can Do

Here at, you can get confidential help from therapists who can provide you and your teen with tools to help them through this difficult transition from child to adult. These online counsellors are trained to deal with adults and children to better serve your needs. Sign up to GoMentor 24/7 and get confidential online therapy now, no matter where and when.

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