Stuttering is a communication disorder that causes a person to repeat words and sounds, as well as causing other problems with verbal communication. Other symptoms include hesitation when starting a sentence, long pauses when talking, and eye blinking or other slight involuntary movements. Genetic factors are thought to play a part in whether someone develops a problem with stuttering, but the exact causes of the disorder are unknown. That said, there are many treatment options available, including online therapy through Before going into how we can help with stuttering, here is a closer look at the symptoms and some of the dangers related to stuttering.

Symptoms of Stuttering 

These are some of the signs that point to stuttering as being a problem.

  • Hesitancy when starting a sentence is a symptom of stuttering.
  • Long pauses when speaking may be another sign that stuttering is a problem.
  • Repetition of words and sounds is one of the main symptoms of stuttering.
  • Eye blinking or other involuntary movements are uncommon, but they do happen with some people who stutter.

If these symptoms appear, it may be time to get a professional diagnosis to see if stuttering may be a problem. Communication disorders shouldn't be ignored.


Long Term Complications and Dangers of Stuttering

Without treatment, it is possible that the stuttering problem will get worse. As well, there is a chance that the communication problems will affect a child's ability to do well socially and academically. This can lead to other mental problems, including depression. Some children become to self-conscious about their disorder that they stop speaking completely, which isn't a good thing. These risks can be minimized if treatment is sought for stuttering.

Treatment for Stuttering 

In addition to treating the person with a stuttering problem, it is important that the people around them are also aware of the limitations this disorder can impose on a person. Here at, you can find therapists who specialize in speech disorders like stuttering who can assist families dealing with this issue. Because of the dangers of stuttering leading to other social, emotional and academic problems, it is important to take treatment for stuttering seriously. Speech therapy and counseling can go a long way in making this communication disorder a little bit easier to deal with. At, you can book online therapy sessions that can help with stuttering and all the problems that come with it.

Definition of Stuttering

Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate effectively. Symptoms of stuttering include being hesitant when starting a sentence, long pauses while speaking, repetition of words and sounds as well as some other physical signs.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Stuttering

  • Hesitancy when starting a sentence
  • Long pauses when speaking
  • Repetition of words and sounds
  • Eye blinking or other involuntary movements

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