Somatoform Autonomic Dysfunction

Somatoform Autonomic Dysfunction

Somatoform autonomic dysfunctionWhen a person consistently complains of physical pain in a single area of the body and no medical reasons for the symptoms are found after six months, somatoform autonomic dysfunction may be to blame. Diagnosing this disorder can be difficult because people tend to hide it after repeated tests come back negative. There are still many serious consequences when this somatoform disorder is not treated correctly. This is why we offer online therapy for somatoform autonomic dysfunction here at

Symptoms of Somatoform Autonomic Dysfunction

The symptom that isolated somatoform autonomic dysfunction from other similar disorders is that the perceived pain centers around a single area of the body and persists for more than six months. The actual pain complained about will vary from person to person, but there will be an absence of a medical cause for the pain. An insistence on inaccuracy of tests or going from doctor to doctor are other small signs that this disorder might be a problem. If the symptoms do appear and somatoform autonomic dysfunction is diagnosed, there are many dangers that could arise from the condition.

  • Complaints of pain in a single location of the body
  • Pain lasts more than six months without a medical cause being determined

One of the risks that come with somatoform autonomic dysfunction is that a person may avoid health care when their symptoms of pain are not taken seriously or tests repeatedly come back negative and a medical cause is not found. Other dangers center around financial problems that may result from multiple visits to a doctor that are not needed. Another serious consequence of somatoform autonomic dysfunction is a person developing an addiction to pain killers. All of these risks carry with them many other problems that can further complicate matters.

Treatment for Somatoform Autonomic Dysfunction

While the actual symptoms of somatoform autonomic dysfunction are going to vary from person to person, the trained therapists at GoMentor 24/7 specialize in somatoform disorders and can assist you no matter what pain is imagined. With a combination of psychotherapy and the communication powers of the Internet, we offer a complete form of treatment for somatoform autonomic dysfunction that centers around minimizing the symptoms as well as reducing the risk of serious complications because of the disorder.

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