Social Phobia

Social Phobia

Social phobiaSocial phobia is a panic disorder that causes people to exhibit extreme nervousness in a variety of social situations. While being shy or nervous around people is common and normal for some, these feelings can be intensified for some people, making it near impossible for them to function in society. Elevated blood pressure and heart rate as well as other signs that are similar to those of panic attacks can appear as well, making it a tough mental disorder to deal with.

Social phobia may lead to other problems like substance abuse, as people try to self-medicate in order to relax in social situations. The appearance of excessive drug or alcohol use in social situations may point to a problem with social phobia, but there are other signs and symptoms that will appear.  To minimize the risks of this mental illness, help and treatment for social phobia is available.

Symptoms and Dangers of Social Phobia

The signs of social phobia may vary slightly from person to person, but they generally centers around an extreme nervousness in social situations. The nervousness goes well beyond normal shyness, and can cause elevated blood pressure as well as a rapid heart rate. The fears are usually unrealistic and very much unfounded, which can make them difficult for some to understand.

  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Fear of social situations
  • Nervousness
  • Substance abuse


Some people may have so much trouble in social situations that they start to self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs so that they can relax in a social setting. In general, the feelings brought on by social phobia are so intense that they make it impossible for people to function at work, in relationships or in any social situation. Getting treatment for social phobia is important before it leads to other problems like substance abuse or other mental illnesses like major depression.

Treatment for Social Phobia

Before a panic disorder takes control of your entire life, you should consider online therapy here at We combine trained therapists who know all about social phobia with the communication abilities of the Internet to offer a comprehensive way to treat social phobia before it becomes an even bigger problem. Anxiety and nervousness are normal human emotions, but if they are uncontrollable and affecting your ability to lead a productive, happy life, it may be a sign of something that needs attention. Here at, psychologists and therapists offer the treatment for social phobia via confidential online therapy through GoMentor 24/7. From practical knowledge about social phobia to practical techniques to use to deal with the symptoms to emotional support, we have quite a bit to offer.

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