Sexual Masochism

Sexual Masochism

Sexual masochismWhen a person derives sexual gratification from humiliation, pain or suffering that is physical or psychological in nature, they may be diagnosed with sexual masochism. It doesn't matter who inflicts the pain - the person themselves or another sexual partner - or if the pain is physical or mental. When the desires and urges for this type of sexual behavior begin to have a negative impact on a person's life, getting treatment is recommended. For those who are a little shy to talk about this subject, it's possible to get online therapy for sexual masochism here at Before explaining how you can get help, here is some more information on this sexual disorder and why treatment is so crucial if the symptoms appear.

Symptoms of Sexual Masochism 

Some people may experiment with mixing pain and pleasure during sexual interaction, but if the desire for pain, humiliation or suffering in connection with sexual activity that lasts many months and has negative effects on a person's life, it may be a sign of sexual masochism, a serious sexual disorder. A person may inflict pain on themselves during masturbation or sexual intercourse. For others, the pain must be administered by another person in a dominant role. While these behaviors are generally only seen behind closed doors, there are other psychological signs that may be present, including problems with various social situations and relationships.

  • Deriving sexual pleasure from pain or humiliation, physical or psychological
  • Inflicts pain on themselves during sexual activity
  • Desires others to inflict pain during sexual interactions
  • Distress
  • Social and relationship problems

Causes of Sexual Masochism 

The exact causes of sexual masochism are not known, but many believe they stem around problems developed in adolescence, with some people who were sexually abused being a little more apt to have problems with this disorder. There are also indicators that the cause of sexual masochism is closely related to issues with self-image and wanting power over others but being unable to achieve it, leading to a primarily submissive role being taken on. Whatever the causes, if the symptoms of sexual masochism begin to appear, getting proper treatment is recommended.

Treatment for Sexual Masochism

The exact form of treatment for sexual masochism is going to vary from person to person, but in general psychotherapy should be a large part of the overall plan. Here at, we provide online therapy for sexual masochism with our secure online platform, GoMentor 24/7. We have combined trained therapists who specialize in this sexual disorder with the communicative powers of the internet. This form of online treatment for sexual masochism is relatively new, but it can help before the disorder completely ruins a person's life. Therapy may be an ongoing process, but getting started is important.

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