Sexual Issues

Sexual Issues

Sexual issuesWhile much more is known about various sexual issues that may cause relationship problems in the modern world, there are still many unknown factors depending on the exact circumstances. Sex is an important part of any healthy relationship, which means that a problem in this area can have a negative impact on other areas of the relationship, which may cause it to eventually fail. The particulars of each situation may be different, but here at, we offer relationship therapy and coaching online that can help. Dealing with sexual issues is something that most people don't like to talk about, but it is important to make sure there are measures put into place to make sure that a sexual issue doesn't blossom into something that overwhelms an otherwise healthy relationship.

Types of Sexual Issues

Many different types of sexual issues exist in the modern world, but here are some of the more common categories:

  • Loss of libido - Whether it is menopause in women or too much stress for a man, there are many reasons that sex may become less of a priority. This can cause serious problems in a relationship for everyone involved.
  • Performance problems - From erectile dysfunction to an inability of a female to achieve an orgasm, there are a variety of physical problems of a sexual nature that may have a negative effect on a relationship.
  • Pain issues - For some women - and men - sex may be painful, which can cause a desire to avoid any and all sexual activity. This avoidance of intimacy because of physical pain may be misunderstood by a partner, causing even more stress on a relationship.

Whatever the exact type of sexual issue that is causing a problem in a relationship, if it is not examined and resolved, it may take a huge toll on a relationship.


Typical signs of Sexual Issues

  • Anxiety, anger, guilt or other emotions
  • Depression
  • Avoidance of intimacy in all forms
  • Failure to perform during sexual activity

Getting Help with Sexual Issues

Sexual issues are problems that affect a man or woman's ability to function sexually. While there are a wide array of sexual issues that may cause relationship problems, there are also many forms of therapy that can help, no matter the specific problem. Here at, you can find trained therapists who specialize in a broad range of sexual issues, and they can help a couple learn to work through sexual problems so that they don't have a negative impact on the relationship. While some couples are able to get to this point on their own, there is nothing wrong with asking for guidance and support for this sometimes delicate issue. No matter the specifics, online therapy may be able to help before a small problem gets out of hand and wrecks a relationship completely. Most of the time both partners will want to take part in the therapy, but there are circumstances when one person reaching out for help causes the other person to follow because of their love.

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