Sexual Aversion Disorder

Sexual Aversion Disorder

Sexual aversion disorderThe main difference between sexual aversion disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder is that in the former, there is an actual avoidance of sexual situations. As well, the thought of sexual intercourse may cause extreme anxiety or a panic attack. The disorder may appear as a lifelong problem, only show with a certain partner or in certain situations, or show up with all partners in all situations. Traumatic sexual experiences are thought to play a part in this disorder appearing. Here at, you can get help from trained therapists who specialize in sexual disorders.

Symptoms of Sexual Aversion Disorder 

Some people naturally have periods in their life when they don't desire sexual activity or pleasure, but when this lack of desire lasts a long time or begins to have serious consequences in a person's life, it may be a sign of sexual aversion disorder. If anxiety and other symptoms associated with panic attacks appear before, during or even at the thought of sexual activity, it may point to sexual aversion disorder being a problem. Ignoring the symptoms of sexual dysfunctions won't make them go away and could make the problems worse.

  • Avoidance of sexual activity
  • Fear, revulsion, or disgust of sexual activity
  • Relationship problems
  • Panic attacks when confronted with sexual activity

Causes of Sexual Aversion Disorder

Not much is known about the exact nature of this sexual dysfunction, but traumatic experiences centering around sexual abuse seem to be a common cause of this problem appearing in a person's life. Other problems may be physical in nature. For example, hormonal imbalances may be the cause of a decrease in sexual desire. Other minor causes of sexual aversion disorder may be stress, substance abuse, or a fear of pregnancy. Whatever the exact causes, certain tell-tale signs will appear in people suffering from this sexual dysfunction.

Treatment for Sexual Aversion Disorder 

It is important to deal with the root cause of this disorder as well as the symptoms that appear - both physical and psychological. This is why you can get complete online therapy for sexual aversion disorder here at We combine trained therapists who specialize in sexual disorders with online counselling that harnesses the communication powers of the Internet - this, we call GoMentor 24/7. This combination of traditional psychotherapy with modern technology is a good way to get treatment for sexual aversion disorder when and where it is needed. A healthy sex life is part of the human experience and adds to the quality of life, which is why treatment is recommended.

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