Schizophreniform Disorder

Schizophreniform Disorder

Schizophreniform disorder is a type of schizophrenia that is temporary or comes and goes. Still, it is a serious psychotic disorder that has serious side effects. Symptoms of this mental disorder include delusions, mild hallucinations, odd and destructive behavior, as well as a general inability to function productively in society. In addition to the symptoms of schizophreniform disorder, there are other risks involved as well. On, we have online therapy that can help with this mental disorder. Before we explain how we can help, here is some more information about schizophreniform disorder.

Symptoms of Schizophreniform Disorder

The symptoms of this psychotic disorder may vary slightly from person to person, but in general they will include the following.

  • Delusions - believing something is true when it's not - are sometimes but always based on a little bit of reality. The side effects of delusional behavior can be dramatic.
  • Mild hallucinations are another sign of schizophreniform disorder if there are no other substance abuse problems at play.
  • Strange behavior that is self-destructive or dangerous is common for people suffering from schizophreniform disorder.
  • Poor grooming habits and inability to accomplish simple, everyday tasks is another sign that schizophreniform disorder may be a problem.
  • Anti-social behavior and not being able to function productively in society are also big symptoms of this mental disorder.

Causes of Schizophreniform Disorder

While big parts of the brain and how it works are still a mystery, this mental disorder is thought to be caused by three main factors.

  • Genetics are thought to be one of the main factors in whether a person is inflicted with schizophreniform disorder.
  • A chemical imbalance in the brain may be another cause of this mental disorder.
  • Other factors like the environment a person is in may have an affect on whether this disorder develops.

Dangers of Schizophreniform Disorder

While schizophreniform disorder is typically a short term psychotic disorder, there are quite a few risks that may occur. Because the symptoms can be severe, there is a good chance of the person harming themselves or people around them. The dangers of schizophreniform disorder are real, but there is hope for treatment. At, we don't think anyone should have to face schizophreniform disorder alone, which is why we have devised online treatment for psychotic disorders like schizophreniform disorder.

Treatment for Schizophreniform Disorder

Psychotherapy and counseling are two great ways to help deal with the effects of schizophreniform disorder. On, you can get online treatment with trained therapists who understand the special circumstances surrounding schizophreniform disorder and can help with treatment. In addition, online therapy will help you get the emotional support you need to start down the sometimes difficult road of recovery. If you are ready to stop facing this mental disorder on your own, it may be time to seek treatment with someone who can help.

Definition of Schizophreniform Disorder

Schizophreniform disorders is a temporary type of schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder that has several serious physical and mental effects on a person. Symptoms include delusions, hallucinations, odd behavior as well as other signs. Psychotherapy as treatment for schizophreniform disorder is one option.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Schizophreniform Disorder

  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Strange behavior
  • Poor grooming habits
  • Anti-social behavior

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