Recruitment and Search

Recruitment and Search

Recruitment and SearchRecruitment and Search is a process that is initiated when a company needs to find a new member of staff to fill a vacancy. Recruitment and Search is therefore about finding and choosing the right person for the job. At GoMentor, you can get online counselling through GoMentor 24/7 with a HR partner about how to find and recruite the right person in your business.

With an online HR partner, you can get counselling regarding recruitment and search such as:

  • The recruitment and search process
  • Brainstormning
  • Advertising to attract as many candidates as possible
  • Deciding which competencies to focus on in the candidates

The Recruitment and Search process

A recruitment process conducted through a GoMentor partner always begins with a clarification of the customer’s current situation. This helps build a picture of the company, including aspects such as business, strategy and skill requirements.

The extensive Recruitment and Search process is organised with the aim of achieving the perfect match, one part of which involves a thorough analysis of the candidates’ skills, experience and background. Various methods are used in order to reach potential candidates. These include advertising in printed and electronic media, database and job portal searches, investigative work in networks and businesses, as well as actual headhunting – all of which lead to a broad range of candidates. By getting professional assistance with the recruitment process, you optimise your chances of hiring the right person.

Working with a GoMentor partner gives you:

  • A professionalised recruitment process – Nobody is an expert in all areas. So why not leave the process of recruiting your new staff to the leading experts in this particular field, while you carry on doing what you’re best at.
  • Effective advertising – The aim is to advertise your vacancies to as many attractive candidates as possible. GoMentor partners have access to the largest job databases in the country, and they often have special discount agreements which allow you to advertise at a significantly lower cost than your company would be able to achieve on its own. Our recruitment partners are experts in casting a wide net and reaching the right target group for your vacancy.
  • Faster results – GoMentor partners in Recruitment and Search have a large network of job seekers, access to databases and, on top of that, a number of strategic partnerships, which help to ensure that GoMentor partners can quickly find potential candidates for your vacancies.
  • Time for your own tasks – Recruitment is a time-consuming process. It is not unusual that a company receives several hundred applications, all of which must be read and replied to; suitable candidates need to be interviewed, and the group of potential candidates needs to be narrowed down. By letting a GoMentor recruitment partner handle all this for your company, you’ll have much more time to focus on your daily work tasks.
  • Successful recruitment – As you’re no doubt aware, hiring the wrong candidate can prove very expensive. With a professional GoMentor partner at your side, you are guaranteed the best possible conditions for creating the ideal match between your company and the right candidate.

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