Primary Insomnia

Primary Insomnia

Not being able to fall asleep is a problem that causes many people anguish. There are two main types of primary insomnia, psychophysiological and idiopathic, both with different causes and slightly different symptoms. When there isn't a medical cause to the sleeplessness, and drug use and other mental disorders are not present, the signs may point to primary insomnia. No matter the cause, you can get online therapy for both types here at Before explaining how you can get help with primary insomnia, here are some other facets of the disorder that you should know about.

Causes of Primary Insomnia 

In the case of psychophysiological insomnia, there is no long term history of sleep problems, but one is brought on by large amounts of anxiety and stress. The exact causes aren't known, but both of these psychological factors can play a role in someone developing sleeping problems. For idiopathic insomnia, the main causes are thought to be neurologic problems in the areas of the brain responsible for the sleep-wake cycle. While the causes may be different for both types of primary insomnia, some of the symptoms will be similar.

Symptoms and Dangers of Primary Insomnia 

As with the causes of this sleep disorder, the symptoms that appear will be slightly different. With idiopathic insomnia, people usually exhibit problems with attention or hyperactivity. Both types of primary insomnia will cause problems with sleeplessness. Also, some may have trouble falling asleep anywhere but in their own bed. All of these symptoms, if left untreated, tend to get worse before they get better. This can lead to other problems with depression or other mental disorders.


Treatment for Primary Insomnia 

For most people, behavioral therapy is one of the most effective ways to deal with primary insomnia, both psychophysiological and idiopathic. Learning good sleep hygiene is important for long term success with battling primary insomnia, especially the idiopathic variety. The trained therapists here at will also instruct on various relaxation techniques that can be useful when trying to achieve a normal sleep schedule. The last part of the online treatment for primary insomnia is one of the most important ones. Our online counseling offers the ability to communicate with other people who are facing the same sleep disorder, in the forum. This can make a huge difference in the success rate of treatment.

Definition of Primary Insomnia

Primary insomnia is sleeplessness that cannot be attributed to medical or psychological reasons. Also, substance abuse is not present. Therapy and counseling are both recommended as part of an overall treatment plan for primary insomnia.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Primary Insomnia

  • Sleeplessness not related to a medical cause, drug use, or other mental disorders
  • Difficulty sleeping in unknown places
  • Suppression of feelings

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