Primary Hypersomnia

Primary Hypersomnia

While everyone loves to sleep, if excessive sleepiness persists for more than a month, it may be a sign of primary hypersomnia. Other symptoms of this sleep disorder include numerous naps during the day. There are many different factors that may cause this sleep disorder, both physical and psychological. Sleep hygiene - getting the proper amount of sleep at the same time every night - is a very important part of staying healthy. This is why we have online therapy for this and many other sleep disorders here at This sleep disorder is actually rather common, but many people ignore the symptoms or think the problem will get better on its own. After reading some more about primary hypersomnia, we will share how we can help with this sleep disorder.

Causes of Primary Hypersomnia

When it comes to causes of primary hypersomnia, there are quite a few factors that could play a role in this sleep order appearing in a person's life. There are some medical reasons, like head trauma to the brain. Other physical causes may include use of prescription medications, drug abuse, or even something as simple as a change in a work schedule. Some attribute the disorder to a certain area of the brain - the hypothalamus - but there are no conclusive studies that prove this yet. The cause of this disorder will be important for treatment, but the first thing noticed may be the many symptoms of primary hypersomnia.

Symptoms and Dangers of Primary Hypersomnia

While most people go through periods where they sleep a little longer than normal, if excessive sleepiness persists for more than a month, it may be a sign of primary hypersomnia. Another symptom that frequently appears is napping during the day even with more than eight hours of sleep the night before. Again, however, the behavior should last more than a month before a diagnosis is sought. If the symptoms appear and are ignored, there are negative side effects that may develop. This is why treatment for primary hypersomnia is so important if the symptoms appear.


Treatment for Primary Hypersomnia

Exercise and changes in diet can really help with primary hypersomnia. Here at, we have trained therapists who specialize in this sleep disorder, and they can help explain the best ways to combat primary hypersomnia. The other part of online therapy for primary hypersomnia includes therapy that allows people suffering from this sleep disorder to listen to and interact with others who are facing similar sleep disorders. While this problem may be corrected without treatment, the therapy and guidance available here at can make the whole process easier.

Definition of Primary Hypersomnia

Primary hypersomnia is a disorder that causes excessively deep and long periods of sleep, including excessive napping during the day. Treatment for primary hypersomnia should include therapy and counseling.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Primary Hypersomnia

  • Excessive sleepiness for more than a month
  • Long periods of deep sleep at night
  • Excessive naps during the day
  • Sleep is not refreshing

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