Phonological Disorder

Phonological Disorder

When a child has a problem using sound for communication, it may be a phonological disorder. The exact causes of this disorder are not known, but there are many treatment options available. Symptoms include omitting sounds, using sounds incorrectly, and other social and academic problems that might arise because of the speech problems. If phonological disorder is not treated, it may lead to other mental problems. This is why it is vital to get a proper diagnosis if any of the symptoms of phonological disorder appear. On you can find therapists who offer online therapy, but first here are some of the signs that may appear in children with this communication disorder.

Symptoms of Phonological Disorder

Symptoms of phonological disorder may include the following.

  • Omitting sounds when communicating is one symptom of phonological disorder
  • Incorrectly using sounds for speech is another sign that a phonological disorder may be a problem.
  • Trouble being understood by people outside the child's immediate family is another sign of phonological disorder.
  • Social problems may result from a child's inability to be understood.
  • Academic difficulties may be another sign of phonological disorder. 

The symptoms may appear mild or more severe depending on the child, but the above should give you a general idea of what signs to look for when it comes to phonological disorder. In any of the signs lead to a diagnosis of phonological disorder, treatment should be the next step.


Complications Associated with Phonological Disorder

As mentioned, problems with speech can lead to larger social and academic problems when left untreated. In some extreme cases, children may find it difficult to even communicate their needs. Depending on the age that the disorder first appears and how severe it is, there are many serious complications that can arise as a result of phonological disorder. This is why treatment is so important if the symptoms appear and a diagnosis is made. With online therapy, it is easy to get the support and guidance needed to deal with phonological disorder properly.

Treatment for Phonological Disorder

There are different methods for the treatment of phonological disorder, but here at, we believe in therapy and counseling as two tools that can really help families going through all the difficulties associated with phonological disorder. You can book online sessions with trained therapists who know about all the various communication disorders, including this one, and how they affect a child's life. Before letting a problem with speech get out of control and lead to other problems, getting more information about the online therapy available for phonological disorder here at is a good idea.

Definition of Phonological Disorder

Phonological disorder is the inability to use speech and sound for communication. Symptoms of this communication disorder include failure to use sound correctly, substituting sounds inappropriately, and omitting sounds altogether. Therapy and counseling are helpful with treatment for phonological disorder, especially if started as soon as the problem is diagnosed.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Phonological Disorder

  • Using sounds incorrectly
  • Omitting sounds
  • Trouble being understood
  • Social problems 
  • Academic difficulties

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