Other Substance Addiction

Other Substance Addiction

Other substance addictionWhile we have covered a lot of different types of substance addiction here at GoMentor.com, there may be cases that aren't covered. Even if that is the case, there are things to consider in general about substance addiction, abuse, and intoxication that you should think about. Below are some common symptoms of substance addiction as well as some of the risks that come along with them. After reading them, you can read about how online therapy can help you with treatment for substance addiction - whatever you are facing.

Symptoms of Unknown Substance Addiction

Depending on the exact nature of the substance that causes an addiction, there are various symptoms that may appear in a person's life that indicate an addiction to some sort of substance. Even if you don't know what it is, there are signs you may see:

  • The build up of tolerance to a drug is one of the major signs of an addiction to a substance. If you need more and more to get the same feeling, you may be addicted.
  • Financial problems brought on by buying more and more drugs is another sign of substance addiction. These can ruin lives in the short and long term.
  • Health problems that vary depending on the substance being abused will also frequently appear when someone is addicted to drugs.

In addition to these general signs of substance abuse, there are other risks associated with abusing drugs.

Dangers of Addictions to Other Substances

From doing harm to themselves to hurting innocent people around them - including friends or family - there are many risks to being addicted to any substance. When the brain's chemistry is altered in some way, the negative side effects associated with the temporary altering of reality usually outweigh any benefits that may be gained. An addiction of any kind can be a terrible thing to carry through life, especially if it's an addiction to an expensive or hard to purchase substance. For many people, treatment for a substance addiction may help with long term recovery.

Treatment for an Addiction to Other Substances

An other substance addiction is defined as a compulsion to ingest a drug even when there are serious negative side effects. Symptoms will vary depending on the exact type of substance being taken, but most come with serious physical and psychological problems. On GoMentor.com, we understand that everyone is a unique person and that their needs for treatment may vary slightly. This is why we believe in online therapy for the treatment of substance addictions. Through online therapy sessions with trained therapists via GoMentor 24/7, who specialize in various types of substance abuse, and counselling that helps give support and hope for a better future, GoMentor.com can help with substance abuse and addictions, no matter the substance.

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