Other Cognitive Disorders

Other Cognitive Disorders

Other cognitive disordersOther cognitive disorders are those not classified elsewhere and are generally more mild versions of other cognitive disorders. In some cases they may be the sign of the start of other problems like Alzheimer's disease. In other cases, they may be memory and cognitive thinking problems with unknown causes. Symptoms generally center around problems with the memory as well as various behavioral and emotional difficulties. If the signs of a cognitive disorder are seen, getting a proper diagnosis is important. Almost no matter what type of cognitive disorder is a problem, online therapy from the therapists on GoMentor.com can help.

Types of Other Cognitive Disorders

These are the other types of cognitive disorders. While they are more mild that other disorders in this category, they are still serious and can have many serious side effects that should be taken into consideration if any of the symptoms appear.

  • Mild Cognitive Disorder - Generally mild symptoms that affect memory, emotions, and behavior in a period before full onset of Alzheimer's disease or another cognitive disorder.
  • Unspecified Cognitive Disorder - When the exact causes of the cognitive disorder are not known this is the diagnosis. The symptoms will vary, but treatment is available.

Both these types of cognitive disorders generally have symptoms that are not too severe, but it is important to be able to recognize the signs of this disorder if they appear.


Symptoms of Other Cognitive Disorders

Depending on the exact type of other cognitive disorder, the symptoms are going to vary slightly, but in general they are concerned with memory problems, behavioral changes, and various emotional problems that may result because of the amnesia or cognitive thinking difficulties. While the symptoms may be slightly different for people, if they appear, it is important to get a diagnosis. If you are diagnosed with one of these other cognitive disorders, getting treatment should be the next step.

  • Memory problems
  • Problems with judgment, perception or reasoning 
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Apathy

Treatment for Other Cognitive Disorders

When it comes to the treatment of other cognitive disorders, the exact methods used are going to vary depending on the person and circumstances, but online therapy with GoMentor 24/7 takes this into account. Here you can get help from trained therapists who specialize in cognitive disorders, and they can help inform and guide you when it comes to cognitive disorders, even if the symptoms are mild. Online treatment for cognitive disorders is relatively new, but it combines the best of psychotherapy with the instant communication power of the Internet.

Other Cognitive Disorders

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