Organic Personality Disorder

Organic Personality Disorder

Organic personality disorder centers around short or long-term personality disturbances that are caused by a physical malfunction of the brain. While most people who suffer from the symptoms of organic personality disorder are able to function in society productively, some do have problems when they are not under constant supervision. Online therapy and counseling here at may be able to help.

Symptoms of Organic Personality Disorder

The specific symptoms of personality disorder are going to vary slightly from person to person, but in general they include sudden changes in normal behavior. Sometimes, these excursions outside of a normal routine may put a person into dangerous circumstances. Sexual indiscretions are one instance of this.

The causes of this organic mental disorder vary, but they generally stem from chemical imbalances in the brain or as a side-effect of a disease or condition that has a negative effect on the physical chemistry of the brain. The symptoms can come on suddenly, especially if someone has suffered an injury to their head. If someone starts exhibiting strange behavior all of a sudden, organic personality disorder may be the cause.

Causes of Organic Personality Disorder

There are many different medical conditions that may cause problems with personality disorders, including the following.

Various cerebrovascular may cause personality disorder to develop.
Structural brain damage caused by tumors or other outside influences on the brain
Extreme trauma to the head is another possible cause for the sudden appearance of a personality disorder.
In rare cases, thyroid disease or other problems with the brain may cause personality disorder.

Whatever the root cause, it is important to seek out someone who knows what how to help a person deal with all of the symptoms and side effects that come with organic personality disorder.


Treating Organic Personality Disorder

Before the problem gets out of control, it is important to get help with organic personality disorder. Therapy and counseling have both been shown to be great ways to help manage and control problems associated with this disorder. In fact, the online therapy available at is provided by trained therapists who specialize in these types of problems. Online therapy is relatively new when it comes to organic personality disorders, but it can be helpful in many different ways.

Definition of Organic Personality Disorder

Organic personality disorder causes people to exhibit anti-social or harmful behaviors that they are not usually known for exhibiting. The causes center around damage to the brain that may have been caused by tumors or some other traumatic injury to the head. Psychotherapy can be useful for treatment of organic personality disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Organic Personality Disorder

Sudden changes in behavior
Inappropriate social behavior
Sexual indiscretions
Emotional instability
Bad social judgement
Belligerence and an overactive temper

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