Organic Mental Disorders

Organic Mental Disorders

An organic mental disorder is a permanent or temporary dysfunction in the brain that is caused by physiological problems with the brain. The causes range from heredity to an injury of the brain to a disease that affects brain tissue or changes the chemical or hormonal levels of the brain. The symptoms of organic mental disorders vary depending on the underlying issue of what caused the imbalance or malfunction of the brain, but they can be difficult to deal with.

While there may or may not be a cure for the disorder depending on the exact physiological cause, therapy and counseling may be options that can be helpful for dealing with the symptoms that accompany organic mental disorders. From hallucinations to delusions to personality problems, there is a wide range of problems that may develop because of a physical problem with the brain.

Types of Organic Mental Disorders

Organic Hallucinosis - People suffering from this may experience many different types of hallucinations that can hamper their ability to lead a normal life.
Organic Catatonic Disorder - These are characterized by problems dealing with motor skills or malfunctioning muscles.
Organic Delusional Disorder - Someone who insists that something is true even when it's not may be suffering from organic delusional disorder.
Organic Mood Disorder - Deep emotional problems may be caused by organic mood disorder, which can cause depression or mania.
Organic Anxiety Disorder - Those who have problems with anxiety in public places.
Organic Dissociative Disorder - This is characterized by problems with awareness, identity, memory, perception, or a combination thereof.
Organic Emotionally Labile Disorder - Those who suffer from wild mood swings in both directions.
Organic Personality Disorder - Organic personality disorders deal with problems that cause people to not fit in well with the majority of society in an extreme fashion.
Postencephalitic Syndrome - This is brought on during the late stages of Parkinson's Disease as the nerves break down.
Postconcussional Syndrome - These are problems that may occur after a concussion due to a blow to the head.
Unspecified Organic Disorder - Those organic disorders that are not mentioned above may be classified as unspecified, but they are just as serious.


Treatment for Organic Mental Disorders

The treatment methods are going to vary depending on what type of mental disorder you are dealing with, but for the most part, a professionally guided therapy program and counseling are recommended for long term success with treating organic mental disorders even though there may be no cure.

For many, pursuing online therapy allows them to get the help they need while still being able to function in their day to day life. The therapy can be just as intense online - and just as helpful. The trained therapists here at can assist you with any of the organic mental disorders that may have developed because of a disease.

Definition of Organic Mental Disorders

Organic mental disorders affect the brain's chemistry and hormonal balance in a negative way, causing mild to serious problems for those afflicted. From social problems to internal emotional problems, the effects of organic mental disorders can be difficult to overcome. Getting help with any of the many organic mental disorders is possible, with therapy being a popular way for people to deal with the root cause of the problem.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Organic Mental Disorders

  • Hallucinations
  • Inability to perform in social situations
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Changes in personality

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