Organic Dissociative Disorder

Organic Dissociative Disorder

Organic dissociative disorder is characterized by problems with awareness, identity, memory, perception (or a combination of these) that cause a person to lose touch with reality for extended periods of time. The organic refers to the physical cause of the disorder - generally disease or a problem with the brain or brain’s chemistry.

At, online therapy can help with the symptoms of all of them. Because there is no cure, learning to live with organic dissociative disorder can be quite difficult. Depending on the exact causes, one or more of four main types of organic dissociative disorders may appear.

Types of Organic Dissociative Disorder

Dissociative amnesia is extreme memory loss. Sometimes it appears after big traumatic events; however this is not always the case.
Dissociative identity disorder was at one time known as multiple personality disorder. It is associated with switching personalities or identities. Many people say they feel like there is one or more people "living" in their mind.
Dissociative fugue affects people by causing them to physically leave their surroundings and start a new life, unaware of their old identity. This generally lasts for a period of days, weeks, months, or even years in extreme cases.
Depersonalization disorder could be described as feeling that you travel outside of your body or see yourself as an observer. This sudden onset of perception can also come with distorted sense of time.

The symptoms of these types of dissociative disorders will vary from person to person, but the good news is that you can get assistance with any of these disorders at, where trained therapists are on hand to help you deal with your problems.


Causes of Organic Dissociative Disorder

For many people, dissociative disorders appear as a reaction to traumatic events or episodes in the person's life. In the case of organic dissociative disorder, it is usually caused by a physical malfunctioning of the brain or nervous system. Certain diseases may also cause problems with this disorder.

Treating Organic Dissociative Disorder

Hypnosis has shown to be successful helping some people with dissociative disorder, but there are other methods as well. At, there are therapists who specialize in dealing with dissociative disorder. This can dramatically increase the chances of you being able to get your problems with this mental disorder under control so that you can live a full and productive life as a member of society.

Definition of Organic Dissociative Disorder

Organic dissociative disorder affects people by causing them to lose touch with reality due to a physical problem with the brain. Some types of dissociative disorder revolve around self-awareness and identity while others may affect memory, perception of surroundings, or a combination of these factors. Treatment for dissociative disorder is straightforward should involve psychotherapy.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Organic Dissociative Disorder

  • Memory loss / amnesia
  • Depression, anxiety or other mental disorders
  • Altered perception of the world
  • A Blurry sense of reality and identity

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