Organic Amnestic Syndrome

Organic Amnestic Syndrome

Organic amnestic syndromeOrganic amnestic syndrome results in a loss of memory due to physical (head trauma) rather than psychological causes like a traumatic experience. Memory loss will usually be one of two main types - anterograde or retrograde. The former refers to memories after the damage to the brain while the latter refers to memories previous to the brain damage. Both types of memory loss may be partial or complete, depending on the severity of the amnesia. If organic amnestic syndrome is diagnosed after the symptoms appear, there are various treatment options available including online therapy here at

Symptoms of Organic Amnestic Syndrome 

Depending on the exact nature of the cause of the amnesia - head trauma or disease, for example - there may be various symptoms of organic amnestic syndrome that appear. In general, however, they are going to include memory problems of various degrees. For some people, the problem will be with the ability to form new memories, while others will have to deal with the loss of memories from the past. Either way, the symptoms of organic amnestic syndrome are difficult to deal with. When not treated, there are several dangers associated with this type of memory loss.

    • Anterograde - memories after the damage to the brain
    • Retrograde memory loss - memories before the brain damage
    • Partial memory loss
    • Complete memory loss

Dangers of Organic Amnestic Syndrome 

Some people who have trouble with anterograde memory loss, for example, may forget what they had for lunch a short time after eating it or not remember having lunch at all. This could lead to serious problems when a person is left unsupervised or forgets taking medication and takes it again. Other physical and psychological risks exist as well, making organic amnestic syndrome a serious matter that deserves attention. To avoid the dangers associated with this disorder, getting proper treatment is recommended.

Treatment for Organic Amnestic Syndrome 

Dealing with organic amnestic syndrome without any help or support can seem like an impossible task, which is why we offer online therapy for this disorder here at The trained therapists registered to GoMentor 24/7 can help you with practical advice for dealing with all the symptoms of this amnestic disorder. Treatment will vary slightly depending on the exact causes of the memory loss, but typically the therapists specialize in knowing what to do in different cases of memory disorders. When combined with online counselling when you need it, this treatment option for organic amnestic syndrome is a complete solution that can help.

Organic Amnestic Syndrome

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