Nightmare Terror

Nightmare Terror

People who suffer from nightmare terrors typically wake up completely after having a terrifying dream. Memory recall of specific details about the dream is usually easy. Another symptom of this sleep disorder is the fact that people don't typically make a lot of noise when waking up from a nightmare, unlike sleep terror disorder. While everyone has the occasional bad dream, if the problem persists and begins to have an impact on a person's life, it may be a sign of a bigger sleep disorder. Nightmares differ from dreams in that they usually leave a negative emotional feeling after they are experienced. If nightmares are a problem, getting proper help may be needed. For convenience, we have online therapy for nightmare terror here at

Causes of Nightmare Terror 

For some, major psychological trauma or other mental illnesses may bring on nightmares, causing them to become a problem that affects everyday life. If no underlying mental conditions are present, it may just be a matter of stress that causes the sleep disorder. For some reason, artistic and sensitive people seem to be more prone to this particular parasomnia disorder. Other reasons may include prescription medications which have nightmares as a side effect.

Symptoms and Dangers of Nightmare Terror 

Some people may be misdiagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder because the symptoms are somewhat similar. This may be because psychological trauma is thought to play a role in the appearance of nightmares. The main symptoms of this sleep disorder are the nightmares themselves as well as anxiety about sleep and trouble falling asleep or an avoidance of sleep because of the bad dreams. Lack of good, uninterrupted sleep can have a big negative effect on a person's life.

Treatment for Nightmare Terror 

If nightmare terror is a problem, it can have serious consequences on a person's life. This is why we have created an online therapy platform for this and many other sleep disorders. On you can book online therapy sessions with highly skilled therapists who specialize in this parasomnia, and who can assist with dealing with all the symptoms associated with this disorder. In addition, treatment for nightmare terror can help the dangers of this sleep disorder be avoided. We also have an online "self-help" forum here at that can help give much needed emotional support when dealing with this sleep disorder.

Definition of Nightmare Terror

Nightmare terrors are a sleep disorder that cause a person to awaken from sleep because of a terrifying dream that can be easily remembered after waking. For many, therapy and counseling are effective forms of treatment for nightmare terror.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Nightmare Terror

  • Anxiety about sleep
  • Trouble falling asleep
  • Avoiding sleep
  • Vivid, terrifying dreams that repeat

Nightmare Terror

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