Losing a Sibling

Losing a Sibling

Losing a siblingWhen a person loses a brother or sister, it is a very emotional experience. In the case of twins it may be even more complicated and confusing. Depending on the exact circumstances surrounding the loss, there may be different ways that are best to deal with the grief that comes with the loss of a sibling. Here at GoMentor.com, you can get online therapy that can offer assistance with all the emotional difficulties that come with losing a sibling. The age of the siblings will also play a part in the grieving process.

Signs of dealing with Losing a Sibling

  • Guilt
  • Denial
  • Confusion
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of mental alertness
  • Disbelief

Tips for Dealing with Losing a Sibling

There is a wealth of information available for losing a parent or losing a child, but there appears to be very little dedicated to the special type of grief that comes with losing a sibling. Here are some basic tips that may help.

  • Family Time - While parents will be dealing with their own type of grief, it is important for families to come together when there is a death. Surviving children should look to each other - and the parents - for the most help in dealing with the situation, whatever the details.
  • Mourning Period - There is nothing wrong with setting aside some time to grieve the loss of a brother or sister. The thing to remember is that there has to be a point where the grieving process ends and life moves on. This time period will be different for everyone, but if it goes on for an extended period of time, it may lead to other issues.
  • Stay Active - Staying active and around other people is a good idea to make sure that sadness doesn't overwhelm and take over a person's life. 
  • Get Help - For some, the emotions tied to losing a sibling may be too much to handle on their own. In these cases, there is nothing wrong with getting therapy for help dealing with the grief.

There are more specific tips and techniques for dealing with losing a sibling, but there is also a better way to learn them.

Therapy for Help With Losing a Sibling

Losing a brother or sister brings with it many emotions. No matter the cause of death or the age of the sibling, it can be a traumatic experience. Because of this, therapy is recommended for dealing with all of the issues that come with losing a sibling. Here at GoMentor.com, you can get help from trained therapists who specialize in dealing with issues of grief and loss. They can help give the information and advice needed to deal with all the stages of grief in a positive way. It is easy sometimes for people to get caught up in negative behavior after the death of a sibling. Talking to a therapist and learning how to deal with emotions in a healthy way can lessen the chance of other problems developing because of the loss. Sign up to GoMentor 24/7 today and start helping yourself getting better.

Losing a Sibling

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