Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are neurological disorders that affect a person's ability to read, write, or communicate.  They are generally split into verbal and nonverbal varieties, with both affecting children in numerous ways. These type of disabilities may cause them problems socially or make other problems worse if treatment isn’t sought.

While this may seem scary - and it can be - there is good news.  No matter the exact learning disability, there is treatment available. Here on GoMentor.com, you can find therapists who offer online therapy for a wide range of learning disabilities. It is important that learning disabilities in children aren’t mistaken for mental retardation or other problems. This can lead to improper treatment which won’t help the situation. In order to make that distinction, here is some more information about learning disabilities.

Types of Learning Disabilities

These are some of the more common types of learning disabilities that affect people.

    • Reading Disorder - This is a significant impairment of reading accuracy, comprehension and speed to a degree that it affects a person's academic pursuits or everyday life.
    • Dyslexia - This learning disability causes people to switch letters, making it difficult for them to read.
    • Spelling Disorder - While some may say that bad spelling is just laziness, there is a learning disorder that centers around the inability to spell and may be connected to dysgraphia, a writing related learning disorder.
    • Mathematics Disorder - Problems with numbers and mathematics may point to the learning disability known as mathematics disorder.
    • Disorder of Written Expression - Also known as dysgraphia, this learning disability makes it difficult or impossible for a person to write clearly and effectively.
    • Unspecified Learning Disorder - Someone who has some or all of the symptoms for the learning disabilities listed above might be said to have a learning disability.

Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

The symptoms are going to vary depending on the specific type of disability that is causing a problem with learning, but there are some common signs of a learning disability. These include trouble with reading, spelling, writing or reasoning. These educational difficulties can lead to other emotional and social problems, which is why getting proper treatment is so important. Another side effect when not treated is that learning disabilities can follow a child into adulthood, causing even more problems.

Treatment for Learning Disabilities

While treatment is going to vary from person to person depending on the particular type of learning disability, here on GoMentor.com you can book online sessions with therapists who can help you. Whether it is just dyslexia or a reading disorder in addition to ADHD, our therapists can assist with a wide range of learning disabilities.

Definition of Learning Disabilities

A learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects a person's ability to learn new things and advance in life. It may appear as a difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, memory, or other intellectual problems. Treatment for learning disabilities is available and will vary depending on the particular type of learning disability exhibited.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Learning Disabilities

  • Trouble reading
  • Trouble spelling
  • Trouble reasoning
  • Trouble writing

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