HomosexualityThe modern world is much more lenient toward homosexuality, but there are still many serious issues that come with being a homosexual in the 21st century. While the gay and lesbian community is typically really helpful when it comes to people dealing with their homosexuality, sometimes a little bit more help is needed. This is where online therapy comes in. Before explaining how the therapists on GoMentor can help a person deal with all the issues related to their homosexuality, here is some other information about being a homosexual.

Stages of Homosexuality

These are the generally recognized "stages" a person goes through when discovering their sexuality:

  • Identity Awareness - This stage occurs at different ages for people, but it is a realization that the same sex holds more of an attraction than the opposite sex.
  • Identity Comparison - After realizing the differences in sexual attraction, most will look to their friends and family, wondering why they're not the same way. 
  • Identity Tolerance - A period of trying to ignore the sexual or romantic attraction to the same sex may last longer in some people, but it can be confusing and stressful no matter how long it lasts.
  • Identity Acceptance - Eventually, homosexuals will begin to accept their sexual orientation and will begin to explore the new lifestyle more fully.
  • Identity Pride - After accepting, most people become very proud of the fact that they are homosexual, with their sexual identity becoming a large part of their overall identity.
  • Identity Synthesis - At this stage, a person becomes more of a complete person rather than a gay person.

Dealing with Issues of Homosexuality

No matter which of these stages a person is at, there are many common issues that they will face:

  • Sexual Issues - From practicing safe sex to sexual diseases there are many sexual issues related to being gay or lesbian in the modern world. While some give these issues little thought, they are very important for the safety of everyone involved.
  • Social Issues - Coming out and announcing that you're a homosexual isn't the same as it was even ten years ago, but there are still many stigmas attached to homosexuality. Learning to deal with homophobes and other people who aren't tolerant of other ways of living is important for many reasons.

These are quite complicated issues, which is why some people turn to therapy for help with homosexuality.

Therapy for Homosexuality

Here at GoMentor.com, you can find therapists that offer online therapy to help people understand their homosexuality as well as learn how to better fit into society at large. With GoMentor 24/7 you can actually get online therapy with highly skilled therapists who specialize in gay and lesbian issues. They know what it is like to be homosexual in the modern world, no matter what stage of your sexual identity you have reached. Because the therapy is online, some find it easier to discuss sensitive issues related to homosexuality. Sometimes talking to someone can take some of the weight off, especially in the early stages. With online therapy, a man or woman can learn more about themselves and how they fit into the world in general.

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