Gay Teens

Gay Teens

Gay teensWhile being a teenager brings with it many awkward and confusing thoughts and feelings, being a gay teen can be even more difficult. It can also be a struggle for many parents raising a gay or lesbian teen. A therapist can help a family learn positive ways to confront and get past issues relating to the teen's sexuality. The online therapy offered by the therapists you can find on can be a good way to keep this sometimes sensitive issue a little more private and personal.

Parenting Gay Teens 

  • Acceptance - Parents of gay teens that learn to accept their teen's sexuality are usually better at dealing with what can sometimes be a complex relationship. Accepting a gay or lesbian teen for who they are can go a long way in strengthening a parent child bond.
  • Encouragement - Teens should be encouraged to safely explore their sexuality. The key word is safely. By encouraging positive behavior, parents can make sure they don't isolate their teen or push them away.

Issues for Gay Teens

These are some of the main issues that most gay teens face:

  • Public Acceptance - In some areas this may not be an issue, but matters of going to a prom or other social function as a gay or lesbian teen couple may cause turmoil in some lives. 
  • Peer Pressure - Some teens may hide their sexuality or even begin to hate themselves for their feelings because of pressure from their peers to "be normal." This pressure can build to quite intolerable levels, causing many problems in some teen lives.
  • Gay Teens and Dating - Even if a gay or lesbian teen doesn't attend a school sponsored dance or function, dating as a homosexual couples brings with it many issues in addition to those normally faced by teen daters.

The important thing to remember is that there is help available for families with a gay or lesbian teen.

Therapy for Gay Teens 

Online therapy here at can help teens and their parents learn to better cope with all the difficulties that may result from the child's sexuality. There are many specific issues that may arise, but on GoMentor you can get online therapy with GoMentor 24/7 with trained therapists who specialize in all types of gay and lesbian issues, including being a gay or lesbian teen. As mentioned, we can also help parents learn effective and positive techniques to deal with emotions they may have about their child's sexual orientation.

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