Gay and Lesbian Issues

Gay and Lesbian Issues

Gay and lesbian issuesThe modern world is perhaps a little more tolerant of gay and lesbian issues than it was in the past, but there are still many issues that affect homosexuals and others with an alternative sexual lifestyle. Some are similar to issues others face in life, but homosexuality or bisexuality can put a new spin on old problems. From dealing with discovering homosexual feelings to raising children as a gay or lesbian couple, there are many areas that can be made easier with therapy. Here at, our professionals offer online therapy to help with a wide range of gay and lesbian issues.

Common Gay and Lesbian Issues

Here are some of the major gay and lesbian issues that most people need help with at some point:

  • Transvestism - This can vary from person to person, but wearing clothes typical of the opposite sex can have many impacts on a persons personal and social life. For some, the act may even interfere with work.
  • Homosexuality - Being a homosexual can be difficult even in the more accepting modern world. There are many issues that affect homosexuals, from learning how to "come out" and tell friends and family to learning how to date safely, there are quite a few areas that many people have trouble with.
  • Homophobia - Hatred of others for their sexual orientation is a serious problem. While some homophobes keep their hatred to themselves, never causing a problem, there are others who harass homosexuals.
  • Gay Teens - Being a teen is difficult as is being gay. For those dealing with both at the same time, it can be quite overwhelming.   
  • Gay Parenting - When two men or two woman raise children, they may face unique obstacles when parenting. From who plays the traditional roles to issues of the child's sexuality, there are many things to consider.
  • Gay Couples Issues - Just as heterosexual couples have relationship problems, homosexual couples have problems as well. Dealing with emotional problems when gay can bring with it different difficulties.
  • Dealing with HIV/AIDS - Whether a person is diagnosed with this or knows someone close who has been, there are many emotional issues that come with HIV/AIDS.
  • Bisexuality - A person who is sexually and romantically attracted to both men and women may experience a unique set of hurdles when navigating through life.

Therapy for Gay and Lesbian Issues

Learning to positively deal with the issues that come with having an alternative sexual lifestyle is important for many reasons. A therapist can help a person learn to deal with their sexuality in a positive and healthy way. Having someone to talk to about sexual issues like homosexual intercourse or gay parenting can make the process easier, whatever it might be. On GoMentor you can get confidential online therapy through GoMentor 24/7 with trained therapists who specialize in a broad range of gay and lesbian issues that affect people everywhere. From practical advice and tips on dating to advice on raising a gay teen, the therapists on GoMentor can help provide the answers needed. More importantly, they can help people begin to ask the right questions.

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