Future Study or Career Direction

Future Study or Career Direction

Future study or career directionWith more and more emphasis being placed on education and future planning, many teenagers now feel that major life decisions about their future have to be made in high school – whether they are ready to make these decisions or not. With a constant worry about their future shadowing their high school lives, it’s no wonder that teenagers are increasingly showing signs of emotional and mental stress. The good news is that with proper help and guidance, a student can start to unravel the mystery of their future and make plans without it being a negative experience. With the help of school officials, their family, and even the counsellors on GoMentor.com, the future can start as soon as they are ready for it.

Knowing Their Options

Some teens struggle with decisions about their future because they are not educated in the options available to them. Many people assume that high school graduates have only two choices open to them: employment or college. With more doors opening up every day, that is simply no longer the case. If your teen feels overwhelmed by the task of choosing a four year school, why not try a community college or vocational training? Often cheaper than their four year counterparts, many vocational schools also offer a direct career path when your training is complete. Another option often overlooked by many teens is joining a branch of the military. With tests to help place recruits in the best fit for them, teens can often learn a new skill set while serving their country and getting help for future education all at the same time. Other public services, like joining the Peace Corps or Americorps, are also often overlooked but offer great opportunities for training and personal growth.

Typical struggles with choosing future study or career direction:

  • Anxiety and worry about the future
  • Stalling to make any long term decisions
  • Feeling overwhelmed by any and all decisions
  • Being uncertain about one’s career path

Knowing What They Need To Do

With all of the choices in front of them, it’s no wonder that teens get overwhelmed. Maybe they know what they want to do or where they want to go, but they don’t know how to go about getting there. Having a set plan of action is half the battle in determining your future, and being able to lay out the steps you need to take is key. Whether it means taking the SATs for a certain score or studying for a technical assessment or talking to a recruiter, these steps are key in progressing toward your future goals.

How We Can Help

On GoMentor.com you can get online coaching with highly skilled professionals who offer online guidance and training that can help you sort out your strengths from your weaknesses. With counsellors who are aware of the variety of options a graduating senior has, you can get help finding the right fit for a teenager’s future. Sign up to GoMentor 24/7 today and start getting confidential online help choosing your future study or career direction.

Future Study or Career Direction

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