Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Female sexual arousal disorderWhen a woman has problems with vaginal lubrication and her genitals fail to swell properly during sexual activity, it may point to female sexual arousal disorder. Other symptoms include an aversion to sex and pain during intercourse. The causes of the disorder vary from women to women, but in general they are both physical and psychological in nature. While there are some solutions for the physical symptoms that appear (lack of lubrication), there are other emotional problems that should be dealt with too. Online therapy for female sexual arousal disorder here at GoMentor.com can help with everything that comes with this disorder.

Symptoms of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder 

While age and other factors play a role in the ability of a female to lubricate vaginally for intercourse, if a woman has consistent problems with vaginal lubrication, it may point to female sexual arousal disorder. Pain during intercourse is another sign of a problem with this sexual dysfunction. Because of the pain associated with intercourse, there may be an aversion to sexual activity. This can lead to relationship problems, which are usually present along with this sexual disorder. If the symptoms appear, getting diagnosis is vital so that proper treatment can be given.

  • Lack of vaginal lubrication
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Aversion of sexual activity
  • Relationship problems

Causes of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder 

When it comes to the causes of this sexual dysfunction, there are many physiological and psychological factors that may be at work. On the physical side, problems with blood vessels being damaged, nerve damage, or other problems in the pelvic region may cause sexual arousal disorder. On the other hand, various psychological factors like past sexual abuse, stress, or self-image problems may be to blame for this sexual disorder. The exact cause for different women may be different, but there are some common symptoms that may appear. Before getting to the cause of female sexual arousal disorder, it helps to look for the various symptoms that come with it.

Treatment for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder 

Here at GoMentor.com, we believe that everyone deserves to have a happy and healthy sex life. This is why you can get online treatment for female sexual arousal disorder with confidential online therapy via GoMentor 24/7. Rather than just attacking the physical symptoms of this sexual disorder, you should consider signing up to GoMentor 24/7 and get matched with one of our therapists who specialize in all types of sexual disorders. They can help with information and guidance. This combination of traditional psychotherapy and the Internet is a powerful way to get help for this sexual dysfunction.

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