Female Orgasmic Disorder

Female Orgasmic Disorder

Female orgasmic disorderMany women are hesitant or unwilling to talk about their sexuality openly, which can cause a problem like female orgasmic disorder goes untreated, which can have other serious consequences and negative effects in a woman's life. The causes of this sexual dysfunction may be psychological or physical in nature. While the treatment for this disorder will vary slightly depending on the exact cause, most women experience the same symptoms, including pain during sexual intercourse due to a lack of lubrication. Online treatment for female orgasmic disorder is a good idea to help with this sexual disorder even though there are many physical symptoms that may appear.

Symptoms of Female Orgasmic Disorder

For some women, a lack of interest in sex may lead to sexual aversion or panic attacks at the thought of sexual intercourse or activity. The most obvious sign is the inability to achieve orgasm. Some women never achieve orgasm. This may be what causes the lack of sexual interest, although it may also be related to a lack of vaginal lubrication that may lead to pain during intercourse. The lack of sex drive is one of the strong indications that female orgasmic disorder may be a problem.

  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Lack of vaginal lubrication during intercourse
  • Lack of sexual interest
  • Sexual aversion

Causes of Female Orgasmic Disorder

On the physical end of the spectrum, damage to blood vessels or nerve ending near the pelvic region may be one of the causes of this sexual dysfunction. Other physiological reasons may include side effects of medication. On the other hand, several psychological reasons like problems with self-image, past sexual trauma or other emotional problems may be the primary cause. Some women experience a little bit of both, making this a truly difficult disorder to tackle without help. This is the reason looking for the symptoms is important and taking action if they are seen is even more important.

Treatment for Female Orgasmic Disorder

While there are many physical aspects of this sexual dysfunction that may need attended to during treatment, psychotherapy should play a role as well. Here at GoMentor.com, you can get help from trained therapists which can be helpful with everything related to female orgasmic disorder. If left untreated, there are chances that serious relationship or emotional disturbances may occur, making the problem even worse. Before this happens, getting more information about online treatment options available with GoMentor 24/7 is recommended. Some women may need more help than others, but everyone should have an opportunity for a healthy and happy sex life.

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