ExhibitionismExhibitionism is diagnosed when a person has an overwhelming urge to expose their genitals to a stranger. While this affects men more than women, there are both who suffer from this sexual disorder. Several biological and psychological factors may be the cause for exhibitionism, depending on the person affected by the disorder. For most, this starts as a problem in adolescence and carries on into adulthood, where it can cause serious problems, including trouble with the law. The many risks associated with exhibitionism is why treatment is important. You can get online therapy for exhibitionism here at GoMentor.com, confidential and flexible.

Symptoms and Dangers of Exhibitionism 

For some, the first signs of exhibitionism may be internal and hard for others to see. When a person has multiple fantasies about exposing their genitals in public - usually to the opposite sex - it may be an indicator of a problem with this sexual disorder. At some point, most people move beyond the fantasy stage and actually act out their fantasy by exposing themselves in public. As you might imagine, this can cause serious problems with law enforcement if a person is caught in the act. This is why getting treatment for exhibitionism is important if the signs do appear.

  • Recurring fantasies of genital exposure to strangers
  • Actual exposure of genitals to strangers multiple times
  • Appearance of other paraphilias symptoms

Causes of Exhibitionism 

There are known biological causes of this sexual disorder, including injuries to the head or problems with testosterone levels. Other theories revolve around psychological issues that stem from childhood. Emotional abuse during childhood or adolescence may also play a role in whether this sexual disorder becomes a problem. While the exact cause of the disorder is important to help with overall treatment for exhibitionism, the symptoms will most likely appear before the exact cause of the disorder is known. This is why it is important to watch for them and take action if they appear.

Treatment for Exhibitionism 

Here at GoMentor.com, we believe in the power of online therapy for exhibitionism. On GoMentor.com you can get online therapy and counselling via GoMentor 24/7 with highly skilled professionals who specialize in this and other sexual disorders, and they can assist with all the issues that come with exhibitionism. While dealing with the symptoms that appear with this disorder is important, care should also be taken to get to the heart of the matter and identify the exact cause of the exhibitionism. Our mentors strive to give you the extra emotional support you need to deal with this serious sexual issue before it becomes an even bigger problem.

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