Excessive Sexual Drive

Excessive Sexual Drive

Excessive sexual driveWhile most people wouldn't turn down a chance for sexual pleasure, some people become so overwhelmed by intense obsessions related to sexual activity. When these obsessions begin to have an impact on a person's life, there is a good chance that excessive sexual drive is a problem. The exact causes are not known, but for some it may be psychological in nature while for others it may be caused by physical problems. Knowing the cause is an important part of treatment for excessive sexual drive. Online therapy for this sexual dysfunction with therapists here at GoMentor.com is able to help with the symptoms while avoiding the dangers associated with the disorder.

Symptoms and Dangers of Excessive Sexual Drive

Most people enjoy sexual activity, but when a person is distressed greatly when not involved with sexual interaction, it may be excessive sexual drive. Obsessive thoughts that center around sex as well as addictions to pornography may be signs of a problem with this sexual disorder. People that have multiple sexual partners without having an emotional attachment to them may also have a problem with excessive sexual drive. If any of the symptoms appear, getting treatment is recommended before the problem leads to other dangers - from physical (sexual diseases) to emotional ones like depression.

  • Distress caused by lack of sexual interaction
  • Obsessive thoughts about sex
  • Many sexual partners
  • Long time spent looking at pornography
  • Lack of emotional contact with sexual partners

Causes of Excessive Sexual Drive

As mentioned, an increased sex drive may be caused by a physical factor like a hormonal imbalance. While it may start here for some, there are other emotional factors that may be at work as well. Problems with other compulsive disorders may be another cause of excessive sexual drive. The important thing to remember is that when treatment is sought, the cause should be taken into consideration. Before the exact cause is known, there are many symptoms that might appear as indicators of a problem with this sexual dysfunction.

Treatment for Excessive Sexual Drive

There is no one single cure for excessive sexual drive, but here at GoMentor.com, you can get therapy and counselling with trained therapists and sexologists who specialize in sexual dysfunctions like excessive sexual drive. With GoMentor 24/7 they can assist with all the issues that come with this disorder and help you get a better and less obsessed sex life. Psychotherapy and counselling can help with teaching how to deal with the sexual urges that appear so that they don't overwhelm and start to control your life.

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