Enduring Personality Changes

Enduring Personality Changes

When personality changes are not attributable to brain damage or disease, but they have a large impact in a person's life and last longer than two years, they are referred to as enduring personality changes. They may be caused by a number of psychological reasons. Many symptoms will be present that are similar to other personality disorders, but the duration of the symptoms is important as well. For people dealing with enduring personality changes, our online therapy here at GoMentor.com can help, no matter what the cause. This is a problem not talked about openly sometimes, but it can have a big effect in a person’s life.

Causes of Enduring Personality Changes 

The basic causes of enduring personality changes are psychological in nature. For some, it may be a traumatic event that starts the cycle of emotional and personality problems. For others, it might be an imbalance of the brain's chemistry. Other factors may also play a role in whether or not people develop a problem with enduring personality changes, but the major causes lie with psychiatric disorders not related to brain damage.

Symptoms and Dangers of Enduring Personality Changes 

One of the symptoms of enduring personality changes is an inability of a person to cope with stress. An excessive dependence on others may lead to trouble with interpersonal relationships. When this happens, a lack of interest in life may appear, causing a person to lean toward social isolation. As you can see, a lot of the symptoms are tied to each other and happen as a person progressively has more problems with enduring personality changes. The longer treatment is ignored, the more serious the symptoms may become. Ultimately this can result in a life that most wouldn't want to live.


Treatment for Enduring Personality Changes 

Because of the long period of time that occurs when dealing with enduring personality changes, long term treatment is important. Here at GoMentor.com, we offer online therapy that takes this into account. On GoMentor.com you can book online therapy sessions with highly skilled therapists that specialize in this and other personality disorders, and they can assist with developing ways to deal with all the symptoms and challenges that come with enduring personality changes. No matter the cause, treatment should be sought so that the problem doesn't get out of hand. The therapists on GoMentor.com can give you the emotional support and guidance needed to deal with enduring personality changes in a positive way.

Definition of Enduring Personality Changes

Enduring personality changes are emotional and behavioral problems that are not attributable to brain damage or disease but still have a large negative effect on a person's life, typically longer than two years. Psychotherapy is recommended for treatment of enduring personality changes.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Enduring Personality Changes

  • Difficulty with stress
  • Trouble with interpersonal relationships
  • Social isolation
  • Excessive dependence
  • Lack of interest in life

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