Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent Personality Disorder

Everyone needs a little helping hand every now and then, but if a person's physical and emotional needs become dependent on others, it may be a sign of dependent personality disorder. This is actually one of the more common personality disorders, and it affects men and women pretty equally. A person with this disorder will usually take on a submissive role in relationships. While there is nothing wrong with this sometimes, it can lead to a person being manipulated in a bad way in certain situations. By offering online therapy for dependent personality disorder here at, we are doing what we can to help with the symptoms of this disorder, no matter the causes.

Causes of Dependent Personality Disorder 

While the causes of dependent personality disorder are not known for certain, there are many theories. Genetics are thought to play a small role. Also, other physical problems with the brain's chemistry may cause this disorder. Other psychological factors may play a part as well, including the environment a child is raised in. While the roots of this disorder are usually found in childhood, it is a problem that affects many adults as well. If the disorder is present, there are certain symptoms that will appear that can be an indication that treatment is needed.

Symptoms and Dangers of Dependent Personality Disorder

As mentioned, everyone needs a little help now and then, but people with dependent personality disorder will have a lack of trust in their ability to make a decision. Also, they will tend to avoid personal responsibility whenever possible. As you might imagine, this can lead to problems in day to day life, causing people to be unable to meet the normal demands of life in the modern world. Other emotional symptoms a person may exhibit are being hurt easily and being extremely passive in interpersonal relationships. When not treated, dependent personality disorder can lead to other mental problems and have other negative effects on a person's life like substance abuse. 


Treatment for Dependent Personality Disorder 

While anxiety when making a decision is one of the symptoms of dependent personality disorder, proper treatment should also deal with ways for a person to learn to deal better with everything life throws at them. Here at, you can find trained therapists who can instruct and guide with practical tips on getting past this personality disorder. By combining therapy with the Internet, we are able to help even more people conveniently.

Definition of Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent personality disorder causes a person to be overly dependent on other people for physical and emotional needs. A combination of therapy and group counseling are recommended for treatment of dependent personality disorder.

Symptoms of / Reasons for Dependent Personality Disorder

  • Lack of trust in decision making capability
  • Avoidance of personal responsibility
  • Avoidance of being alone
  • Inability to meet normal demands of life
  • Preoccupation with fears of being abandoned
  • Easily hurt or offended by criticism
  • Passive in relations with other people

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