Dementia Due to Pick's Disease

Dementia Due to Pick's Disease

Dementia due to Pick's diseaseDementia due to Pick's disease is different from dementia due to Alzheimer's in that the first symptoms seen are usually centered around behavioral changes rather than memory problems. Confused thinking and forgetting also shows up eventually with this type of dementia, but because of the area of the brain affected, the first signs are usually extreme changes in behavior over a short period of time. There are quite a few negative issues that come with dementia due to Pick's disease, which is why you can get help from therapists who offer online therapy for it, here on

Symptoms of Dementia Due to Pick's Disease

Because of the area of the brain affected with type of dementia, memory problems are not usually the first symptoms to appear, like they are in Alzheimer's disease. With dementia due to Pick's disease, the frontal region of the brain is destroyed, leading to emotional and social problems first. Memory and other cognitive thinking skills begin to deteriorate, but the behavioral changes may be the first signs seen with this type of dementia. The moods experienced are usually euphoric, but this is not always the case. The behavioral changes may be all over the map depending on the person affected. The important thing to remember is that if the symptoms appear, there are serious dangers related to dementia due to Pick's disease.

  • Mood changes
  • Deterioration of social skills
  • Inappropriate behavior
  • Behavioral changes
  • Language problems
  • Memory problems

When behavior changes to aggressive or destructive, this type of dementia may have serious consequences, including someone hurting themselves or others around them. Beyond the physical dangers associated with mood and behavioral changes, there are also emotional considerations that should be made. The deterioration of social skills and frequent mood changes may lead to depression, which carries its own list of dangers, including suicide. Because of these risks, it is important to find treatment if any of the signs of dementia due to Pick's disease are seen.

Treatment for Dementia Due to Pick's Disease

Once diagnosed with dementia due to Pick's disease, you may be interested in confidential online therapy offered by our therapists here at GoMentor 24/7. Because of the nature of the symptoms associated with this type of dementia, therapy and counselling are recommended to help you deal with all the emotional changes someone with this disease has to deal with. Our trained therapists specialize in this type of dementia and how it affects entire families.

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