Conversion Disorder

Conversion Disorder

Conversion disorderWhen a person suddenly becomes blind, paralyzed or has another problem with their body that cannot be explained, conversion disorder is usually diagnosed. The causes of this disorder are thought to be extreme stress or psychological problems. Online therapy with one of the highly skilled professionals on is a good way to treat the symptoms of conversion disorder as well as minimize the risks associated with this somatoform disorder.

Symptoms of Conversion Disorder

The main indicator of conversion disorder is that the symptoms - loss of sight, paralysis, or loss of another bodily function - happens after an extremely traumatic event. This is not the case for everyone, however. Some people see it appear as a result of other psychological problems. Typically it appears when people have a long history of mental problems. Whatever the cause, the sudden loss of sight or movement without a recognizable physical source of the pain indicates conversion disorder. If it is diagnosed, there are many dangers that come with this disorder.

  • Sudden loss of bodily functions
  • History of psychological problems
  • Loss of sight or paralysis after a traumatic event

There is a chance that conversion disorder can become a recurring problem if not treated correctly. While this may be an inconvenience to some, loss of sight or a sudden loss of movement can be disastrous for other people if they are out doing something in public. In addition, there are chances that this disorder may lead to other mental problems. Because of these risks associated with conversion disorder, it is important to seek proper treatment if diagnosed. It is better to get treatment before the problems get worse.

Treatment for Conversion Disorder

Stress management should play a large role in the treatment for conversion disorder. Most of the excellent therapists on take this into account and also offers guidance and support because they specialize in somatoform disorders like this one. You can get therapy and counselling with GoMentor 24/7 which can give you the extra emotional support you need to deal with this disorder before it leads to more serious problems. In the past treatment for conversion disorder may not have been taken seriously, but here at, we understand that this is a real issue that many people have to deal with in their lives.

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