Computer Addiction

Computer Addiction

Computer addictionThe computer is a marvelous tool that saves time and makes life easier, but for some people it can be an irresistible magnet that pulls them in and takes up large amounts of time, causing chaos in other parts of their life. An addiction to the computer may not sound like a serious problem, but it can ruin relationships, careers, and entire lives. There are common symptoms of computer addiction that you can look for in someone if you think there may be a problem. If so, here at you can find trained therapists who take computer addiction seriously.

Symptoms of Computer Addiction

These common symptoms of computer addiction can be a sign of a serious problem:

  • Withdrawal symptoms - If you become extremely agitated when away from the computer and find yourself not being able to wait to get back on
  • Time - Spending too much time on the computer - while neglecting other responsibilities
  • Compulsions
  • Dishonesty

If you or someone close matches any of these symptoms, getting treatment for an addiction to the computer may be the next step to take.

Treatment for Computer Addiction

Computer addiction happens when someone spends an excessive amount of time using the computer. The symptoms include problems with relationships and work because of the amount of time spent on the computer while neglecting other duties or responsibilities. For many people, guided counseling and group therapy can do wonders for taking back control of your life and breaking an addiction to computers. Learning how to deal with the warning signs of computer addiction by taking action before things get out of hand can be really helpful. At the registered therapists offer that knowledge as well as support via online therapy through GoMentor 24/7. This can really make a difference in how successful you are at breaking a computer addiction.

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