Amphetamine Intoxication

Amphetamine Intoxication

Amphetamine intoxicationAmphetamine intoxication occurs when the drug alters the chemistry of the brain. Signs that someone is under the influence of amphetamines are a loss of appetite, increased energy, lack of sleep, increased body temperature which causes sweating, or an increased breathing rate. Amphetamine use also comes with a sense of euphoria and extra amounts of energy that allow people to stay awake for days at a time. Some of these things may sound like positives, but when weighed against the negative side effects of amphetamine use, it's easy to see why treatment for amphetamine addiction is so important.

Signs of Amphetamine Intoxication

  • A loss of appetite and not eating for long periods of time
  • Extra energy and the ability to go for long periods of time without sleeping
  • Experiencing a sense of euphoria when taking amphetamines
  • Increased body temperature and sweating
  • Fast breathing
  • Increased alertness along with the extra energy

There are other signs as well and sometimes they may be difficult to read in someone, but these general symptoms should help you notice a problem with amphetamines before it goes too far for treatment to be able to help.

Dangers of Amphetamine Intoxication

The feelings of euphoria that last for a short while or the extra temporary energy are the reason many people start taking amphetamines, but there are serious dangers and risks of amphetamine use that far outweigh any limited benefits they may offer. Once the body begins to take a drug like this, however, it becomes more and more difficult to stop. Fortunately, there are places that you can get help with breaking your addiction to amphetamine intoxication.

Getting Help with Amphetamine Addiction

There is help and hope for those that have become addicted to amphetamine addiction. On, trained therapists are standing by to help with specialized knowledge about addiction to amphetamines and what can be done to help break the cycle of dependence. You don't have to face amphetamine withdrawal alone. Online therapy can also help after the worst part of withdrawal is over so you have less of a chance of returning to the destructive behavior.

Amphetamine Intoxication

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