Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

Adjustment disorder with depressed moodThe main difference between adjustment disorder with depressed mood and major depression is that the former is caused by an identifiable situation or event that has caused stress in a person's life. Also, the symptoms are generally less intense.  Usually, after the cause is dealt with, the symptoms of depression go away. While this disorder differs slightly from major depression, the symptoms can be just as difficult to deal with. The good news is that the online therapy here at can help with this and other adjustment disorders. If left untreated, there is a good chance that serious problems with depression will develop over time. This is why treatment is so important.

Causes of Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

As with other adjustment disorders, this one is brought on by a life changing event that causes quite a lot of stress in a person’s life. While most people learn how to deal with stress in healthy ways, some people are overwhelmed and begin to exhibit signs of depression. Beyond the situation that brings on this disorder, there are thought to be various physical factors that play a role in whether or not a person develops adjustment disorder with depressed mood. It is the combination of physical and emotional causes that make this a somewhat common disorder.

Symptoms of Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

The symptoms of adjustment disorder with depressed mood mirror those of major depression. They include sadness that persists for a long period of time, hopelessness, uncontrollable crying, and other emotional problems. General nervousness and suicidal thoughts may also appear in some people, making this a particularly serious disorder. If a person doesn't learn how to deal with stressful situations, even if the symptoms go away when the stress does, the chances are good that they will return - even worse - when another life changing event occurs. This is why psychotherapy can be so useful for some people.

  • Sadness
  • Hopelessness
  • Lack of enjoyment in life
  • Long period of crying
  • Nervousness
  • Suicidal thoughts

Treatment for Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood

One of the most important factors of treatment for adjustment disorder with depressed mood is teaching a person to be able to deal with stress caused by life changes in a positive and healthy way. Here at, you can get online therapy and counselling with highly skilled therapists who specialize in adjustment disorders through our online platform, GoMentor 24/7. Our counsellors and therapists can assist with all the like skills needed to better deal with stressful situations so that they don't cause the symptoms of depression to appear.

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