What is a psychoanalyst?

A psychoanalyst is a trained psychotherapist who performs psychoanalysis as a treatment method. The psychoanalyst often has years of experience working with people and is thus trained to observe, listen, investigate and understand them and their reaction patterns. In that way, a psychoanalyst is well equipped to make hypotheses about these patterns and could embrace the individual's relationship with other people. The psychoanalyst is thus particularly aware and understanding in his therapy and able to create a deeper self-understanding with the client.


How does psychoanalysis work?

Psychoanalysis takes place in the form of a therapeutic conversation between the psychoanalyst and the client, where all the focus is on the individual client. In this treatment method, the therapist seeks to understand how the client is mentally constructed. Here, the purpose of investigating the unconsciousness in order to clarify and acknowledge one's reaction patterns and the basis for them. It is often past relationships with, for example, Parents, including experiences of love, sorrow and loss, death, sexuality, which are patterns that have formed and clung to the brain in one's unconscious memory. These patterns thus affect the way in which they form part of relationships with others. The psychoanalyst creates a framework in which the client's patterns of reaction - as well as the conflicts and disturbances of the patterns - have been clarified, acknowledged and investigated.


How can psychoanalysis help you?

Psychoanalysis can provide you a self-understanding on a deeper level, which in the future will make it easier for you to understand yourself and your reactions - and respond to them. It can enable a more liberated life with more joy and self-control in everyday life.


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